For the first time in Sri Lanka three female cops promoted as DIG

For the first time in Sri Lanka three female cops have been promoted as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) on the same day.

The three Senior Superintendents of Police (SSP) were promoted to the rank of DIG with immediate effect.

SSPs Renuka Jayasundara, Nishanthi Seneviratne and Padmini Weerasuriya were promoted with the approval of the Ministry of Public Security.

Sri Lanka at present has three female DIGs. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is a long due, welcome change. Police, Amy, Navy, Air Force
    are all male dominated. These appoints will go some way to discourage the so called ‘Old Boy Network’ , eliminate corruption, and raise accountability. They should study Policing in developed countries and augment our Police Service to fit the 21st century.
    Wider public look at our Police with contempt and suspicion. Police should be able to win their support and confidence. Just by wearing a uniform with half a dozen medals does not make one a good law enforcement officer. I know these New DIGs have a mountain to climb, with uncooperative colleagues, jealousy, obstructions to make their life difficult, but if they can rise up to this level, the rest is achievable. Bless them.

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