Bribery Commission summons Nadesan over Pandora Papers

The Bribery Commission has issued summons on businessman Thirukumar Nadesan over the Pandora Papers leaks.

Thirukumar Nadesan has been instructed to appear before the Commission tomorrow (Friday).

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had yesterday instructed the Bribery Commission to investigate the allegations in the Pandora Papers.

In the Pandora Papers, confidential documents, obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, revealed that as the country was ravaged by a bloody, decades-long civil war, Nirupama Rajapaksa and her husband Thirukumar Nadesan set up anonymous offshore trusts and shell companies to acquire artwork and luxury apartments and to store cash, securities and other assets in secret.

Pandora Papers revealed that the couple was able to amass and hide their fortune in secrecy jurisdictions with the assistance of financial services providers, lawyers and other whitecollar professionals who asked few questions about the source of their wealth – even after Nadesan became a target of a well-publicised corruption investigation by Sri Lankan authorities.

In a letter to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Nadesan denied the allegations against him and his wife.

Nadesan requested the President to appoint an independent investigator (preferably a retired appellate Judge) to investigate the allegations without delay so that his name and that of his wife would be cleared. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This won’t lead to anything meaningful other than a coverup operation so international community should move fast and freeze all assets and bank account of his and his Sri Lankan clients before they move the money to Sri Lanka…

    Then start an international investigation.

    Speedy freeze is vital.

    • There is a snowflakes chance in hell of the International community EVER doing anything to safeguard the interests of the Sri Lankan people. The Americans are fast developing the same traits of Sri Lankan’s i.e all talk; no action !

      But, your comment is spot-on.

  2. If you are a leader in South Asia, corruption has to be in your blood. This is the first criteria to be a politician in South Asia. This is how it should work according to the western powers. Otherwise, billions of Asians will beat the westerners who are only in millions.

    ‘Corruption is similar to terrorism. Terrorism destroys you instantly, but corruption destroys you slowly.’ This is why western powers love terrorism or corruption in developing countries. South Asia has no chance to come up because it has both forms, terrorism, and corruption.

  3. There was a price to pay for ignoring Gandhi to create Pakistan to have independence, in order to have political positions. There is a price to pay for killing Gandhi and following the Westy…

    Nobody can change South Asia, these fools even killed Gandhi to have their way. However, their fall is inevitable. Your foolishness and ignorance will reward you accordingly. In the 20th century, India was broken into a few countries. In the 21st century, India will be broken into a few countries as well.


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