Appropriation Bill for 2022 presented to Parliament

The Appropriation Bill for 2022 was presented to Parliament today.

The Bill was presented by Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa.

The Debate on the Appropriation Bill for the year 2022 is to be held from November 12th to December 10th.

The Minister of Finance will present the Second Reading (Budget Speech) of the Appropriation Bill for the year 2022 on Friday 12th November.

The Debate on the Second Reading will be held for seven days starting from Saturday, November 13th to Monday 22nd November inclusive of Saturdays. Thereafter, the vote for the Second Reading will be held on Monday, November 22nd at 5.00 pm.

The Debate at the Committee Stage will commence on Tuesday 23rd November and will be held for 16 days inclusive of Saturdays until Friday the 10th of December. Thereafter, the vote on the Third Reading will be held on December 10th at 5.00 pm. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The “appropriation” of the whole of Sri Lanka into the bank accounts of politicians is almost complete. But, keep wearing white and pleading to a dead philosopher to turn the nations fortunes around. Sadly, all the white clad devotees are amongst the most corrupt.


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