Korea assures it will always stand with Sri Lanka

Korea today assured it will always stand with Sri Lanka, even in the fight against Covid.

In a message to mark the National Foundation Day of the Republic of Korea (Gaecheonjeol) today, the Korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Santhush Woonjin JEONGI said that under the “Stay Strong” campaign initiated by the Korean Government, Korea and Sri Lanka have been strengthening anti-COVID collaboration with each other.

He said that Sri Lanka is one of Korea’s priority ODA cooperation partner countries. The sum of investment in various ODA projects and grants for Sri Lanka since 1987 is over 600 million USD. Korea Exim bank, entrusted by the Korean Government, has provided Sri Lanka with loans worth of USD 848 million for 28 projects since 1990. Among ongoing projects, medical equipment sector development project and Kandy tunnel construction project will greatly benefit the development trajectory of Sri Lanka.

The trade relations between Korea and Sri Lanka continue to expand positively. In 2020, the volume of exports from Sri Lanka to Korea has increased 10 percent from USD 100 million in 2019 to USD 110 million 2020. This increase is an exceptional case amid the worldwide economic depression due to COVID -19 pandemic.

“Korea is extremely keen on boosting two-way trade and investment in ways that benefit the economies of both countries. Like Korea’s economic miracle, so called ‘The Miracle on Han River,’ I strongly believe that Sri Lanka will also be transformed to “the Miracle on Kelani River.” Korea will be with Sri Lanka as a reliable friend in this journey of achieving economic prosperity,” the Ambassador said.

The Ambassador said that since last year the public health cooperation between Korea and Sri Lanka has been robust and strengthening anti-COVID collaboration under the “Stay Strong” campaign initiated by the Korean government. In terms of anti-COVID support, the Korean government provided test kits worth of $300,000 in 2020. This year, in partnership with UNICEF, the Korean government donated USD 230,000 worth of anti COVID-19 face masks to Sri Lanka and $500,000 worth of anti-COVID-19 items are being donated to Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


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