Mount Lavinia Hotel ties up with Pearl Protectors for World Tourism Day

Celebrated annually on the 27th of September, World Tourism Day is observed to raise awareness about  the social, cultural, political, and economic contribution of tourism with the aim of achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

This year’s focal point was based on ‘Tourism for inclusive growth’. The current theme of inclusive growth pays importance to the recovery of tourism and its activities after the devastating global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It ensures preserving and promoting the eco system of the travel industry which depends on communities that offer an extension of hospitality apart from the tourism sector.

The world famous Mount Lavinia beach has always been a vital part of tourism along Sri Lanka’s western coast. The sandy shores have attracted many visitors since antiquity and up to date. Along these shores, visitors come across businesses and vendors who amplify our nation’s hospitable haven.

Mount Lavinia Hotel which stands out as an iconic landmark along the beach came together with Pearl Protectors to support the effort of a cleaner beach which will not only reverse the adverse effects of pollution but also preserve a natural resource enjoyed by many.
An initiative backed by activists who really care for the environment, which also lines up with Mount Lavinia Hotel’s commitment to protecting the environment for the local community and for our visitors, Mount Lavinia Hotel tied up with Pearl Protectors on their ‘Nurdle Free Lanka’ campaign to free our beaches of the hundreds of plastic nurdles that spilt into the sea as a result of the recent maritime disasters.

‘Nurdle Free Lanka’ intends to collect all nurdles which lay stricken on the shorelines of Sri Lanka by using various nurdle collecting apparatus, volunteer mobilizations, shoreline surveying and involving coastal communities in long term mitigation efforts.

We look forward to offering a better and a greener environment to our community, local businesses and tourists.


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