Colombo restaurants likely to request vaccine cards 

By Easwaran Rutnam (@easwaranrutnam)

Colombo restaurants are likely to request customers to produce their vaccination cards when looking to dine-in, in future. 

Harpo Gooneratne, President of the Colombo City Restaurant Collective told Daily Mirror that the idea has been discussed among restaurant operators in Colombo.

He said that furnishing the vaccination card would give confidence to the customers patronizing a restaurant.

Gooneratne said that the idea being looked at is for customers to either produce the vaccination card at the entrance or show an image of the card on the phone certifying that they have got both jabs.

He also said that employees at most restaurants will also be wearing a badge saying they have been vaccinated.

“So, customers who come will then know that even the staff are vaccinated,” he said.

Gooneratne said that each restaurant will decide individually if to implement the proposal or not, if it is not made mandatory by the government.

The Colombo City Restaurant Collective is of the opinion that implementing this proposal will not only help keep the customers safe but will also encourage others to get vaccinated if they want to visit a restaurant in future. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


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