Sri Lanka and UK discuss relations with the diaspora

Sri Lanka and the UK have discussed relations with the Tamil diaspora based in the UK.

The focus on the diaspora comes after President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had said recently that he is willing to have talks with the Tamil diaspora.

Foreign Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris and British Minister of State for South Asia, United Nations and the Commonwealth Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon had discussions at the Sri Lanka Mission in New York.

The Ministers discussed a wide range of issues including trade, investment opportunities available in the Port City and elsewhere, resumption of tourism, and matters relating to development and reconciliation with particular reference to relations with the diaspora.

Minister Peiris briefed Lord Ahmad in detail about the substantial progress on the ground in a variety of sectors by domestic institutions, despite constraints imposed by the Covid pandemic.

Lord Ahmad accepted with pleasure the invitation by Minister Peiris to visit Sri Lanka at his early convenience. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. As soon as a western country has given a red carpet to Kamzy, South Asian media has been flocking to interview her. This is utter shame to billions of South Asians. This fundamental belief dictates South Asia. I hope China takes note of it. South Asian media would not write a word about people like me who exposes the truth to do good for humanity as a whole. The West believes everything has to revolved while the West on top, including human development and evolution. My question is, how the minority westerners can continue to dominate the world if billions of Asians are evolved? It is clear, the West do not want the world majority to be evolved and South Asian diaspora, South Asian leaders and media all are helping the west to achieve its strategy.

  2. All Sri Lankans living in and enjoying the benefits of democracy in those countries while supporting an authoritarian dictatorship in Sri Lanka should be sent back to live in Sri Lanka…

    Our cost of essential items is even more expensive that European and USA these days.

    Do that and see how quickly things will turn around.

  3. Azzam Ameen: “ Garlic scam: CID summons six journalists, PM intervenes”

    This is what happens when the journalists go easy on a fascist government…

    They protect the scammers and go after those exposing scammers!

    What is happening about the overpriced PCR tests and Chinese vaccinations imported with taxpayers money at ridiculously high price?

    Apparently a NDA is in place to hide how much they are paying for the vaccinations from the citizenry! The citizenry have a right to this information…

    All SLPP ministries should have all international assets and money frozen and investigated until they can prove how the came to own them…

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