Newly elected Norwegian MP refuses to boycott Sri Lanka

By Easwaran Rutnam (@easwaranrutnam)

Newly elected Norwegian Labour Party MP, Sri Lankan born Kamzy Gunaratnam says she will ask the new Norwegian government to continue engagement with Sri Lanka.

Speaking at a virtual media conference last night (Sunday), Gunaratnam said that she does not believe that boycotting Sri Lanka is the way forward.

“I don’t believe in boycott. There needs to be investments. Only that will ensure employment,” she said.

Gunaratnam said that she is also prepared to meet President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, if invited, for talks.

She said that Norway must continue to assist Sri Lanka through trade, education and in other ways. Responding to a question posed by Daily Mirror, Gunaratnam said that she will also discuss with her party and the new Norwegian Foreign Minister, as well as the Norwegian Ambassador in Sri Lanka and see how best Norway can assist Sri Lanka.

However, she noted that she will also call for a war crimes investigation in

Sri Lanka saying without answers there cannot be closure.

She said that the war crimes investigation must be external and not internal.

Gunaratnam said that Sri Lankans must also decide the best solution for Sri

Lanka and not any foreign country. She said that Sri Lanka must not wait for foreign pressure to work on a solution.

The newly elected Norwegian MP also said that minority rights in Sri Lanka must be protected.

As a Norwegian MP she said that her main focus in the Norwegian Parliament will be to push for equality in Norway. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


  1. As soon as a western country has given a red carpet to Kamzy, South Asian media has been flocking to interview her. This is utter shame to billions of South Asians. This fundamental belief dictates South Asia. I hope China takes note of it. South Asian media would not write a word about people like me who expose the truth to do good for humanity as a whole.

    The West believes everything has to be revolved while the West on top, including human development and evolution. My question is, how the minority westerners can continue to dominate the world if billions of Asians are evolved? It is clear, the West do not want the world majority to be evolved and South Asian diaspora, South Asian leaders and media all are helping the west to achieve its strategy.

    The West has been dominating the world for the last 700 years. Compare with Asia, it has evolved significantly. Asians should not think that their evolution will come by following the West. Following the western system will not make Asians to be evolved, except Japan and South Korea. I do not believe that one size fits every one; likewise one system will not work for every country.

    Human evolution is not all about falling into a trap of the West. It is all about finding a system that works for your country and people. China is an example for finding what works for them. Unfortunately, South Asians have failed utterly. South Asians fought against the West to have independence but they are the faithful followers of the West. Basically, they are lost, they do not know what works for them.

  2. Yes the citizens of Sri Lanka should not be made to suffer for the crimes of corrupt politicians. All money help by politicians around the world should be seized and held until they can disclose how they earned it. If they can’t the money should be given directly to every citizen of Sri Lanka…

  3. Comment inn Norwegian Language (translation).
    Det er beundringsverdig å se suksessen til en ung Sri Lanka -kvinne, nå en statsborger i Norge, som oppnår slik politisk suksess i Norge og som har en veldig positiv visjon om de bilaterale, multilaterale og humanitære behovene i hjemlandet – Sri Lanka. Politikere og embetsmenn i Sri Lanka og Norge bør støtte henne fullt ut, slik at hun kan nå sin visjon for forbedring av menneskeheten og innbyggerne i begge nasjonene.
    Det er på tide at en endring i tankegangen til de som er involvert i forholdet mellom begge nasjonene, skal forandres for godt og konsentrere seg mer om realiteter fremfor å se på hverandre med mistanke eller forsiktig mistillit lenger. Sri Lanka og Norge har mye å tilby hverandre som medlemmer av FNs familie og norske politiske og administrative “portvakter” bør se “SANNHETEN” presentert av både den singalesiske nasjonen og det tamilske folket og respektere “minoritetene” også . Håper at det nyvalgte parlamentsmedlemmet i Arbeiderpartiet, Sri Lankas født Kamzy Gunaratnam, vil være i stand til å “BRU” dette gapet.
    Trist å si at på grunn av de villedende og egeninteresserte skrupelløse norske og srilankanske politikerne, hadde politiske og bilaterale aktiviteter mellom de to nasjonene blitt dårligere siden 1983.
    Under mitt opphold i Norge som NORAD -stipendiat fra 1971 – 1977 var jeg et aktivt medlem av Arbeiderpartiet i Stavanger/Rogaland. Jeg var en av de 2 Sri Lankanerne som var utdannet i norsk og var norsklærer for utlendinger med hjemsted i Stavanger.
    Noor Nizam – Fred og politisk aktivist, forsker i politisk kommunikasjon, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart, Convener “The Muslim Voice” og medlem “Viyathmaga”.

  4. It is admirable to see the success of a young Sri Lanka women, now a citizen of Norway acheiving such political success in Norway and who has a very positive vision about the bilateral, multilateral and humanitarian needs of her motherland – Sri Lanka. Politicians and government officials in Sri Lanka and Norway should support her fully so that she can achieve her vision for the betterment of humanity and the citizens of both the nations.
    It is time-up that a change in the thinking of those involved in the relationship between both the nations should change for good and concentrate more on realities rather than seeing at each other with suspicion or cautious distrust anymore. Sri Lanka and Norway has a lot to offer each others as members of the family of the UN and Norwegian political and administrative “gatekeepers” should see the “TRUTH” presented by both the Sinhalese Nation and the Tamil people and respect the “Minorities” too. Hope that Newly elected Norwegian Labour Party MP, Sri Lankan born Kamzy Gunaratnam will be able to “BRIDGE” this gap.
    Sad to say that, due to the deceptive and self interested unscrupulous Norwegian and Sri Lankan politicians, political and bilateral activities between the two nations had deteriorated badly since 1983.
    During my stay in Norway as a NORAD-Fellow from 1971 – 1977, I was an active member of the Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet) in Stavanger/Rogaland.
    Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart, Convener “The Muslim Voice” and Member “Viyathmaga”.

    • You are happy to insult Gandhi’s principles…

      South Asians take great pleasure being faithful to the West. South Asians betray their own people to have better lives, but the Chinese are faithful to their own people and motherland. Otherwise, the West will not appoint Indians as Vice President of the US or Google’s CEO. The US is fooling Indian leaders through Kamala Harris and Sundar Pichai. Kamala Harris and Sundar Pichai will not put India first; otherwise, the US would not have given high profile jobs to them. They are similar Tamil diaspora. The Tamil diaspora encouraged war in Sri Lanka for their own selfish desires, especially against the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. The reason is that they will be deprived of refugee status and their wives, children and relatives will not be able to come to the Western countries as refugees. I do not believe that you can compete with the Western countries or China. In short, your hearts and minds are darker than your skin color. Your fall is inevitable.

  5. Sounds nice but how will it help end lawlessness a lack of constitutional governance, abuse of PTA, ethnic/religious discrimination and hate spread by the SLPP!??

    Also some news said food items are stuck in the port while cost of these items are skyrocketing! Is someone holding them ransom until maybe they get 20% to release them!??

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