Justice Minister looks to appoint a committee to probe Lohan’s incident

Justice Minister Ali Sabry has sought to appoint a committee to probe the prison incident involving State Minister Lohan Ratwatte.

Media Minister Dullas Alahapperuma told reporters today that the matter was discussed at the Cabinet meeting yesterday.

Alahapperuma said the Justice Minister is looking to appoint a committee headed by a retired high court judge to investigate the incident.

Justice Minister Ali Sabry also informed Parliament today of his intention to appoint a committee to investigate the incident.

The Justice Minister, however, asserted that the incident was not racially motivated.

He said that appropriate action will be taken once the retired high court judge completes investigations and submits a report.

Ratwatte resigned from his post last week after it was alleged that he had threatened to kill two inmates at the Anuradhapura prison.

He handed over his letter of resignation from the post of Prison Management and Prisoners Rehabilitation to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Ratwatte had allegedly gone to the Anuradhapura prison on Sunday 12th September and forced two prisoners to kneel and threatened to kill them. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We all know how many committees have been created since Gotabaya Rajapaksa become the President. What was the outcome? This is an eyewash. They can’t punish the State Minister Lohan Ratwatte. If they do, Lohan Ratwatte will expose others’ dirty laundry. Corruption has penetrated everywhere, impossible to fix it.

  2. Appointing commissions and prolonging inquiries appears to be a method of helping wrong doers to get away from punishments for long periods of time. Citizens are fed up!


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