O2Life to support efforts in combating COVID19 in Sri Lanka

The Lions International District 306 C1 in collaboration with The Ceylon College of Physicians, the Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine have jointly launched the Project ‘O2Life’.

O2Life has been designed to support the efforts in combating the COVID19 pandemic in Sri Lanka and in order to mitigate the tremendous loss of lives in Sri Lanka on a day to day basis. This will focus on gathering funds in the range of 3 Billion Rupees in order to donate  11,000 bed units.

“This project initiates following several discussions by Lions with the Consultants who are in charge of COVID 19 patients in 191 hospitals across the country. One high priority was to advance the treatment facilities for COVID19 patients in the wards who are Oxygen dependent in the government hospitals. Along with our partners Lions of District 306 C1 decided to shoulder these efforts and combine contributions from well-wishers of the civil society,” said Lion Jagath Wickramanayake President’s Counsel, the co-chair of the ‘O2Life’ Committee of the Lions International District 306 C1.

 Addressing the media at the press briefing organized to mark the launch of the project, further Mr. Wickramanayake went on to express these views in explaining the process followed in operating this project. Mr. Wickramanayake PC pointed out that the project is tailored to address the dire need of 2 types of “Bed Units” categorized as “Type A” and “Type B” for Covid-19 patients needing external Oxygen supply. “Adhering to the health sector requirements, the project will prioritize 3102 bed units in category ‘Type A’, 7870 bed units in ‘Type B’ category and 159 Oxygen Manifolds category. 

Further, Mr. Wickramanayake also went on to add that the Ministry of Health Dr. Keheliya Rambukwella , Secretary to the Ministry of Health Major General Dr. S.H. Munasinghe and Director General of Health Service Dr. Asela Gunawardane also have extended their fullest support to this project. Speaking at the launch Mr. Lion Amal Pussellage , Professor Senaka Rajapaksa, President of Ceylon College of physicians and Dr. Harsha Sathischandra emphasized that this collective effort of the Civil society would be a great strength for the efforts made by many parties including the Medical professionals in facing COVID 19 in the country.

The Co-Chair of the project O2Life Professor Ananda Jayawardane, explained the High Transparency maintained in every process attached to O2Life Professor Jayawardane stressed that the internationally renowned audit firm Ernst and Young agreeing to become the independent auditors of the project makes it our victory.  

A committee consisting of recognized veteran members from the Lions International District 306 C1 together with representatives from both the College of Physicians and the College of Internal Medicine, is established for technical evaluation of the enable equipment intended to procure, Professor Jayawardane also stressed that the Chairman of the procurement committee of the multiple District 306 of Lions, Mr. Lion Pasquel will chair the procurement committee along with few other well respected members of the Lion movement.  

The project’s main committee is chaired by Lion Jagath Wickramanayake, PC and past President of the Colombo Law Society and co-chaired by Lion Professor Ananda Jayawardane, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa and the Deputy Chairman of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. 

They further said emphasized that the efforts taken and need to be taken will become  possible only if the society takes a collective effort. 


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