Sri Lanka tells UN not to interfere in Xinjiang and Hong Kong

By Easwaran Rutnam (@easwaranrutnam)

Sri Lanka has told the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) not to interfere in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

In a statement during the General Debate at the 48th Session of the UNHRC in Geneva, the Sri Lanka Government said that in discharging their functions the UNHRC and the OHCHR should not overstep the mandates laid out in UNGA resolutions 60/251 and 48/141 respectively.

“In this context we hold that the UN General assembly never authorized the UNHRC to assign to any party, or the OHCHR to carry out, tasks such as the collection of criminal evidence for use in judicial proceedings,” the Sri Lankan Government said.

Sri Lanka noted that the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states is the very bedrock on which the international order is founded.

As such, Sri Lanka said that external forces should not seek to interfere in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, which are integral parts of the People’s Republic China.

The Sri Lanka delegation in Geneva also noted with alarm that the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Venezuela, continues to cause death, pain and suffering to the Venezuelan people.

“We deplore the fact that supplies of food and essential medicines, have been blocked even during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the freezing of Venezuelan assets abroad. We call for the lifting of such restrictions on Venezuela,” Sri Lanka said.

Sri Lanka is of the view that any action aimed at the protection and promotion of human rights in a country must have the consent of the country concerned.

The Sri Lanka Government also called on the Council to recognize the action taken by Nicaragua to respect and promote human rights over the years and to engage in a positive dialogue with the government of Nicaragua. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


  1. Who is Antany Peter!?

    Is he a whistleblower who can be compared to Julian Assange or Edward Snowden?

    It has nothing to do with nationality or ethnicity as you like to make it out to be “ you would not mention Antany Peter, because you believe that whites only sacrifice their lives for the betterment of others.”

    What has this Antany Peter done that can put him in the same category as Edward Snowden or Assange?

    • Dear Sunil,

      Without a doubt you are part of Five Eyes countries’ propaganda team with a fake profile name. You think that you are fooling billions of Asians well while living in First People’s country. You can fool South Asians but not the dragon. What South Asia did when Australian Government brought me to street for making awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships? Why I am poor than South Asian politicians who didn’t pass high school? Last thirty years I have seen the ugly minds of Australian political elites paying high prices. I am very certain, they will feel the pain of nuclear bombs, because the dragon will never surrender to convicts who do not live in their own country. Whatever you do to me, it will come back and haunt you, I have no doubt at all.

      I have an Australian business degree and a postgraduate qualification in Human Resources Management. On top of that, I have read more than 300 books to expand my knowledge in world history, human development, global economy and international affairs. I am proving that I am wiser than Scott Morrison or Peter Dutton. They are struggling to admit the truth and do not want to use my knowledge, because I do not belong to the white race. The Australian political elites want to get rid of me quietly because I am enlightening the majority world. Instead of using my knowledge, the political elites planning to get rid of me without getting caught in foul play. If anything happens to me, Chinese and Russians are wise enough to know who is behind it. This will backfire on the Five Eyes countries’ democracy and human rights campaigns and will be a boost to China’s and Russia’s leadership image internationally.

      • Antany, back to being a bad faith actor and your gaslighting because you can’t answer my questions…

        You are only exposing your hypocrisy…

        How easy to expose these bad faith actors hahaha.

      • Antany, Don’t worry Russia has given asylum to Edward Snowden without him having to take any sides unlike your hypocrisy…

        Everyone can see through your selectively only addressing some human rights issues while ignoring what is conveniently suitable to you…
        Take your hypocrisy somewhere else.

    • Dear Sunil,

      The Australian Government is chasing its losses; in fact, it is at a loss when it comes to dealing with me. For the last twelve years, I have been raising awareness across the world of the Australian Government’s ill democracy. It makes one wonder what the Australian Government would do for enlightening others about its undemocratic actions.

      Keep preaching democracy and human rights, but I will die as a poor lonely man. You are fooling yourselves, if you think that you have no consequences by eliminating me. I guarantee, your flesh and bones will melt in nuclear bombs and you will die in agony and pain. I am sure you would prefer this than letting Asians dominating the world.

      • Don’t dear Sunil me with your hypocrisy…
        Just as you were willing to speak up against injustice in Australia why have you got a problem with injustices in China towards its people being brought up?

        As for your comments “I am sure you would prefer this than letting Asians dominating the world.”

        Us Asians don’t want to dominate anyone. Your sick mind and your will to dominate explains a lot about you.

  2. Disgraceful move! Instead of standing up for criminal acts of nations why not speak up in support of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden!?

    Because they are hypocrites??

    • You only mentioned Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, but you would not mention Antany Peter, because you believe that whites only sacrifice their lives for the betterment of others. Sadly, two billion South Asians have the same mindset. This is why I have a reservation for South Asia’s progress and its ability to play a significant role in world affairs. This is why the world didn’t give a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council to India. South Asia has serious issues under the leadership of India.

      • Antany, you are the one who asked why UNHRC is not looking into Assange and Snowden in some of your comments why the hypocrisy now? Don’t you want GOSL to defend Julian Assange and Edward Snowden??

  3. Great to hear that Sri Lanka is standing up for the other countries. The Five Eyes should not involved with others’ affairs, because it has a lot of things to do to make First People’s life better. The Five Eyes invaded others’ homelands on genocides and keeping the true owners in poverty, at the same time preaching to the world about human rights :–))

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