Moragoda hold talks with Indian Foreign Secretary

High Commissioner-designate of Sri Lanka to India Milinda Moragoda paid a courtesy call on the Foreign Secretary of India Shri Harsh Vardhan Shringla, today (15) at the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

This was in keeping with the established practice of calling on the Foreign Secretary by newly arrived Heads of Diplomatic Missions in the Indian Capital.

Foreign Secretary Shringla warmly welcomed the High Commissioner-designate of Sri Lanka and stated that India was pleased to receive an eminent and experienced person like Moragoda as Sri Lanka’s envoy to New Delhi who could steer and take forward Indo-Lanka relations.

During the discussion that followed, the two dignitaries discussed a range of issues that have mutual significance. High Commissioner-designate Moragoda emphasized on the importance of people-to-people contacts as a means of building trust.

The High Commissioner-designate of Sri Lanka also presented a copy of his policy road map ” Integrated Country Strategy for Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions in India 2021/2023″ to the Foreign Secretary of India. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Yesterday, I have visited Indian Consulate in Brisbane, Australia to handover the following article. I have addressed to Mrs. Archana Singh,
    Honorary Consul. The million-dollar question is, does South Asia has leaders, diplomats and media personnels to understand it?

    Truly, a tragedy to humanity.

    An appropriate finale, perhaps to an extensive campaign on freedom that did no justice to the people who had hoped that their leaders could turn things around. After decades of constant battles and enormous sacrifices, South Asians got independence from the West to develop themselves. Seven decades have passed, but what they have is a calamitous governing system embedded in corruption and foolishness. Today, the people cannot wait to get out of their country to save their lives. Truly, this is a tragedy to humanity. Surely, the British would not have given independence to South Asia; if Indians had a plan to unite South Asia to utilise the largest human resources as China does to build its wealth and power because that would have been the greatest threat to the Western powers in the 20th century.

    The British gave independence to South Asia after making sure that divisions are in place. The divisions were systematically created in every part of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, but the obvious one was dividing India and creating Pakistan. However, the South Asian leaders failed to think for themselves to re-unite South Asia which was divided by the Western powers. Pakistan was Britain’s brainchild; after creating Pakistan the British deliberately twisted the truth and pushed the Hindu fundamentalists to kill Gandhi. After Gandhi’s death, the South Asian leaders have been pleasing the West to safeguard their own political positions to build their wealth at the expense of billions of South Asians. South Asia has more population than China, it had an opportunity to become unbelievably wealthy and powerful to make this world a better place. Unfortunately, South Asia has failed.
    The current leaders cannot make it happen; South Asia needs a revolution.

    The West did more than ripping off and dividing the region before giving independence. It embedded democracy and encouraged religious belief for the people to indulge laziness, so South Asia’s biggest human resources will not be utilised. I have visited Northern Sri Lanka and seen the reality. More than 50% of the people do nothing but living on the diasporas’ money. The government workers work only a few hours a day. The education system is corrupt. The school teachers do little as possible at schools to push the students to seek tuition classes, so the teachers can make extra money by running tuition classes. The education system supposes to encourage honesty and hard work, but students are learning to cheat by watching teachers’ dishonesty. Ironically, the people never fail to go to temples or churches, because sitting in temples and churches is easier than doing honest work to earn their living. They simply indulging their laziness and dishonesty in the name of democracy and religious freedom.

    Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah were fighting for their positions, not for South Asians. Otherwise, they would have easily identified the divisions, religious ideologies, caste systems, and gender issues. From Nehru to the Rajapaksa leadership all about having a position and increasing their wealth at the expense of people. The West made China a world factory, but China did not change its system. In contrast, South Asian leaders will do anything to destroy the country if they have a position to increase their wealth at the expense of billions of people. In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksa family and their advisors are no different from the corrupt Indian political leaders. The South Asian leaders will continue to play religious, race, and language cards to create divisions to keep the people occupied to hide incompetency leadership. Above all, the leaders will continue to pamper the people’s laziness and dishonesty through human rights and religious freedom to keep the people’s votes.
    South Asians are living in lies and struggling to admit the truth.

    I met many Indians in Australia. They all agree Indian politicians are corrupt. When I ask them why the West never complained about those corrupt Indian politicians as much as it criticises China. They cannot answer, they just smile and change the topic of conversation. Indians are living in lies and struggling to admit the truth. Have you ever questioned why the West never complained about the following issues in South Asia? India doesn’t have a world-renowned university such as Howard or Oxford, it never hosted Olympic Games, it only won one gold medal in 2008 and 2021, and it is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council. In India, almost every vote has been bought on bribes, but the West never complained. A few months ago, Tamil Nadu had an election. People voted electronically but the result will take a month to finalise. Notably, the building which has ballot machines was not protected by CCTV cameras. The West is happy about the progress in India because it has defeated India. The west is fooling the corrupt South Asian politicians and the politicians are fooling the people. The West loves failed developing countries to keep its dominant power. China is not following the West and falling but growing, this is worrying to the Western leaders.

    Indians have a short memory. They forgot how the West ripped off and divided India. They forgot why Gandhi fought against the West. Why have the Western countries allowed Pakistan to have nuclear weapons? Why the Western countries refused a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council? The West allowed China to become a world factory, but it will not allow India to do the same. The Western countries making Indians believe that India is going to be the next world factory to push India against China. The West is tricking Indians so they would fight the proxy war on behalf of the West. When President Joe Biden says India is the only hope, it means he expects Indians to die on behalf of the West. The only way to keep the west’s dominant power is by making Indians and Chinese destroy themselves. China did not create any virus to become the second-largest economy in the world, it would not create a pandemic to undermine its global market. China’s adversaries created the pandemic to stop China from getting wealthy and buying time to find ways to undermine China to keep the West’s world dominant power. The West is isolating China by demonising it through lies and turning other countries against the dragon.
    The Western leaders’ policies are leading to calamitous events.

    The West has been deliberately increasing the population in the developing countries in the name of religious freedom and human rights, so the people will continue to battle to overcome poverty and fight among themselves to get hold of their limited resources. When people are battling to overcome poverty, they do not have time to acquire knowledge. Corruption also increases because people need extra money to support their big families. Education loses its quality and it cannot make people think when the institutions sell certificates for money. A huge population with limited resources makes them dependent on the West for jobs and other financial assistance. It also makes it easier to buy poor people in the developing countries to undermine or assassinate those countries’ intellectuals and leaders to impose Western interests.

    Billions of people right across the globe do not have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council to influence important decisions. Those people cannot win a gold medal or host Olympic Games. Most of the developing countries’ political leaders buy poor people’s votes on bribes to keep their positions to rip off their people. But the West continues to encourage those people to multiply in the name of democracy and religious freedom. Furthermore, the Five Eyes countries had stolen the countries of the First people of North America and Australasia and supplying energy resources to uncontrollable populations to dominate the world. We are losing billions of wildlife and trees through bush-fires due to global warming. The Five Eyes countries are devaluing humanity and destroying the environment by deliberately increasing the population in developing countries to sell energy resources. This is not human development, the Western powers are not concern about human development and the environment, but only about their world-dominant power. They maintain their world dominant power at the expense of humanity and the environment.

    Time has come for us to think on our own, instead of listening to the lies of Western powers. The Americans, Canadians, and Australians do not even live in their own country but occupying others’ homelands which they took on genocides. The Five Eyes countries are very sophisticated in occupying the moral high ground by hiding their systematic genocides but exposing others’ wrongdoings. It is time for the majority world to acknowledge the tricks and lies of minority westerners to safeguard humanity and this beautiful world. The Five Eyes countries are extremely clever when it comes to spinning others’ heads; this is how they dominate billions of people. If you believe in human development and you are a custodian of this amazing world and have a responsibility to pass this beautiful world onto the next generation, please do not support the wrong policies. Be mindful, the West’s policies to keep the Western countries on top at the expense of Indians, Chinese, South Americans, Arabs, and Africans.
    You cannot understand the West’s double standards until you expose them.

    In 2008, two billion South Asians did nothing when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street when I made awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships. This shows the Australian leaders’ extraordinary power and incapable South Asia. The way Australian political elites use poor, and politically uneducated South Asians to keep me in isolation is sickening. Unfortunately, South Asia has become a symbol of ignorance and foolishness. After Gandhi’s death, the South Asian leaders have been pleasing the western powers to safeguard their own political agendas.

    Today, Afghanistan is in a bloody disaster because of India. My question is why India allowed the CIA to create terrorism in South Asia to defeat Russia? India allowed Dali Lama in India to create rifts with China, in order to please the Americans. India also created terrorism in Sri Lanka when the Sri Lankan leaders decided to lean on the West as Singapore to develop the country. India is the centre of many problems. I do not have any hope for South Asia, because of India’s leadership. The West gave enormous hardships to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela in their own country where they were born. However, South Asians are unable to understand how much the West would make me suffer in a country where I wasn’t born.

    Between 2003 and 2008, I have lifted awareness of the reality of the Australian outback and detention centres while Australia was fighting in Iraq. In 2008, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and traumatised me as an illegal immigrant. I am a qualified accountant but lost my job due to the government’s disinformation. I could not service my home loan without a job. When I had open house inspections for sale, the police would come for a routine check to intimate potential buyers. Subsequently, I had to sell my house for a loss. The government made sure that I would not make money from my house to take legal action and it has been isolating me so I will not have the people’s power to expose the truth. The Australian Government wants to make sure that I have no status, and nobody listens to me to cover up its wrongdoings.

    Due to my writings, I am broken into pieces and isolated in Australia. I thought Canada is a democratic country and immigrated to Canada under a skill migration program in 2008. But I was arrested on a bogus sexual assault case when I exposed the Canadian Aboriginal people’s hardships. I applied for bail and went to Ottawa (Capital of Canada) to inform every country’s diplomatic mission (All Embassies and High Commissions). Eventually, the case was withdrawn, but the police officer said ‘I have informed the South Asian community and they would believe white police officers than you; basically, you are done in Canada.’ When I attended my uncle’s funeral in the UK, I was denied permission. Eventually, after hours of interrogation British immigration took my passport and allowed me to attend the funeral then escorted me as a criminal to the return flight and handed my passport to the pilot. Finally, I have received my passport back when I landed in Canada.

    I had realised Canada’s democracy was fake as well. So, I went to Germany in 2011, and I applied for political asylum, but the Germans did not consider my case and they did not allow me to work. In 2012, my mother passed away in Sri Lanka, but the Germans refused to give my passport back to attend my mother’s funeral. I could not help my mother in her last days, and I could not attend her funeral; these two incidents are the hardest to endure in my life. I was in New Zealand between 2012 and 2014. I exposed the West’s double standards and wrote I couldn’t get a job due to my writings. Because of my writings, they offered me a job as an accountant. But they delete and change the numbers of my work from the main server to undermine my accounting and tax skills. I was fired from the job as an incompetent accountant; even though I have proved to my manager that someone has been altering my work on the main server by saving the same work on my USB drive.
    the Australian political elites are far more brutal than Nazis.

    Convict settlers did not even rescue one Aboriginal Tasmanian, but Germans had rescued Jews from Nazis. Recently, Israel’s Holocaust memorial council declared Major Karl Plagge righteous among the nations, alongside men such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler, for an elaborate deception that saved about 250 Jewish lives. In 1931, Plagge, an engineer, joined the Nazi party to develop the wealth of Germany, but he became disillusioned due to their racial ideology. ‘He felt he had helped create this monster and that it was his duty to try to help these imperilled Jews.’ About 90 per cent of the 57,000 Jews who lived in Vilnius were murdered, but 10 per cent were saved by Plagge. In 1958, just before his death, he told a friend., ‘I never felt that this needed special courage. It required only the conviction and strength that anyone can draw from the depth of moral feelings that exist in all humans.’ (McGreal 2005).

    Germans did not attack my health while I was in Germany, but Australians do. Since I have returned to Australia, my health has been affected drastically. Since I landed, I was forced to stay in a youth hostel in Melbourne; my relatives and friends do not want to associate with me due to the government’s disinformation. Within a few days of landing in Australia, I was admitted to a hospital. A few months later I broke my right arm through a low-impact injury, due to osteopenia. In April 2018 I have consulted three doctors in Australia, and they all have confirmed that I would not have lost vitamin D so quickly unless something unusual has happened to my body.

    Notably, before arriving in Australia I spent two years in the North of Sri Lanka, soaked up plenty of sunlight while I was doing gardening at my parents’ house. Clearly, I had enough vitamin D in my body before I had arrived in Australia; it is obvious to me that the government has been targeting my health. I believe that someone had mixed something with my food which I kept in the common fridge at the youth hostel. The other backpackers were told ‘do not eat if I share my food with them.’ It is clear to me that only the government has the power, and resources to go this far to attack my health.

    The Five Eyes countries fake their religion and human rights. Their Christianity and human rights did not make them powerful to dominate the world. They make the people believe that their good deeds have been a blessing to them. The Five Eyes countries killed and robbed Native People by invading North America and Australasia. The US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were born by killing native people and taking their homelands. They also killed thousands of people in Iraq and Libya to steal oil. They breached 3 out of 10 commandments of fundamental Christianity. They breached the 5th commandment – thou shalt not kill, the 7th commandment – thou shalt not steal, and the 10th commandment – thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods.

    I have been living in the West for the last three decades, but I do not experience democracy. It is a trick to occupy the moral high ground to put pressure on the developing countries to rule the world. Do you really believe that the people who invaded others’ homelands on genocides and systematically covering up their atrocities will do the right things? Can they really value other races; if they do, why First People are so behind in Australia? If Australia is serious enough to deal with the First People’s issues, why it had to delete my citizenship and broke me financially when I made awareness of the First people’s hardships? Most people may think that I am not in prison, so Australia’s democracy is good. However, they do not know that last time I had a Christmas lunch with a friend in 2007. I have been spending my birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Easter days on my own, because of the Australian Government’s systematic isolation.

    I am in an open-air prison which is worse than being in prison. On top of that, I also face sleep deprivation and health attacks. Most of you do not have experience carrying your food and personal items in your small backpack all the time, because I do not trust the government and its hidden hand so-called ‘intelligence unit.’ Australia has resources to keep me in an open-air prison because it’s a harder punishment for exposing the truth, and also protects Australia’s democracy and human rights mask which helps to fool the developing countries. Due to my writings, I can not get a professional job or an apartment to rent. The government is not allowing me to rent an apartment, so it can attack my health freely. I am doing my best to survive but I don’t know how long, because the government is extremely powerful and resourceful to achieve its agendas.

    I have an Australian business degree and a postgraduate qualification in Human Resources Management. On top of that, I have read more than 300 books to expand my knowledge in world history, human development, global economy and international affairs. I am proving that I am wiser than Scott Morrison or Peter Dutton. They are struggling to admit the truth and do not want to use my knowledge, because I do not belong to the white race. The Australian political elites want to get rid of me quietly because I am enlightening the majority world. Instead of using my knowledge, the political elites planning to get rid of me without getting caught in foul play. If anything happens to me, Chinese and Russians are wise enough to know who is behind it. This will backfire on the Five Eyes countries’ democracy and human rights campaigns and will be a boost to China’s and Russia’s leadership image internationally.

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