Opposition Leader calls for snap election

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has called for a snap election to let the people decide who is best to lead the country.

Speaking in Debarawewa, Tissamaharamaya, Premadasa said that the country is facing a serious crisis.

Premadasa said that only the main opposition Samagi Jana Balawegaya can manage the country properly.

As a result, he called on the Government to resign and go for an election.

He accused the Government of failing to properly manage the economy in Sri Lanka.

Premadasa said that instead of implementing an open economy, the Government decided to implement a closed economy.

He also said that foreign loans were not managed properly.

Premadasa said that the Government gave concessions to millionaire businessmen and not the ordinary public.

He said the Government is also now playing musical chairs by changing Ministerial portfolios to pass the responsibility of the issues facing the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “ Premadasa said that only the main opposition Samagi Jana Balawegaya can manage the country properly.”

    And how exactly are you going to do that Sajith Premadasa!?? (He is just playing controlled opposition for the SLPP, early elections will give them an advantage as their popularity is falling daily) Sajith calling for Elections also is protection for the SLPP from becoming further unpopular…

    At least the UNP was the first to understand the Disaster Management Act has to be implemented to help manage and control the Pandemic followed next by the TNA M. A. Sumanthiran who understood the need for the Disaster Management Act to be implemented! SJB was late to acknowledge the need to implement this act. Still late better than never! (Only acknowledged the DMA because the experts started calling for it’s implementation and they didn’t want to get left behind)
    While this SLPP Government is still unable to understand the Disaster Management Act or are unwilling to implement it…

    Disaster Management Act:

    In May 2005, the Disaster Management Act No.13 of 2005 was enacted. This provides the legal basis for a DRM system in the country. The Act establishes the National Council for Disaster Management (NCDM), chaired by the President, vice-chaired by the Prime Minister with participation from Opposition, minority communities and Chief Ministers of the Provinces. This high-level oversight body, provides direction to DRM work in the country.

    The Disaster Management Centre (DMC) was established to implement the functions indicated in the Act.

  2. It seems to me Ranil or his puppet is posting under the fake profile name ‘Citizens’ ;—)))

    Ranil is a shameless puppet of the West and India.

    I saw Ranil’s dirty behaviour inside the Parliament after winning the election in 2015. He was lifting his jacket and showing off his colours when he saw Mahinda Rajapaksa. Clearly, Ranil’s priority was showing off and taking revenge than developing the country. A simple example, I supported the good governance government, but I was traumatised in Sri Lanka between 2015 and2017 by the government to please the West. I can imagine what the Rajapaksas were going through under the good governance government. Perhaps, some people may have allowed the Easter Sunday attack, in order to escape from the traumatising.

  3. Sajith is daydreaming; simply the politicians themselves have no idea about their own capabilities. The people are even worse; they highly think about their foolish and corrupt politicians.

    Most of the time, I see it as a comedy website, when I read South Asian news ;—)))


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