Sri Lanka expresses solidarity to US on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Sri Lanka has expressed solidarity to the US on the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Today, 11 September 2021, marks 20 years since the terrorist attacks perpetrated on the United States of America (USA) causing loss of life and limb to many innocent people from the USA as well as many other nationalities.

The Government of Sri Lanka expresses its solidarity to the people and Government of the United States of America as they commemorate a very painful episode in the country’s contemporary history.

Sri Lanka also wishes to pay tribute to the many victims and survivors of the dastardly attacks, the Foreign Ministry said today.

The Foreign Ministry said that as a country that has for long suffered from terrorism and succesfully overcame its challenge on Sri Lankan soil, the Government of Sri Lanka also wishes to reiterate the need for all countries to unite in eliminating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I have read more than ten books on 9/11 attacks. The United States’ intelligence budget is bigger than the rest of world’s intelligence budget. Nothing will happen to the superpower unless it allows to happen to achieve its ulterior motives. I do not believe that Islamic radicals can beat Americans’ brain.

    I can talk a lot about in details, but I do not want to waste our time. A few main points: They deliberately ignored vital warnings, but concluded miscommunication between the CIA and FBI. The US Air Force went to Europe so fast to bomb on Nazis during the 2nd World War but it wasn’t thak quick to intercept the second flight before it crashed into the twin tower. Plus the way twins towers fell and the third building collapsed even though third building wasn’t attacked by a hijacked flight. It was clear, inside job of demolition to bring the twin towers and third building to ground zero.

    My conclusion about the 9/11. This is similar to Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka. It has to happen for the benefit of some people :–)))
    The leaders who destroy the ruthless terrorism can’t catch the perpetrators of Easter Sunday bombings. What does it tell you :–)))
    It is similar joke as the CIA had no idea what the Islamic radicals were planning to do in America :—)))


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