Afghan envoy in Colombo refuses to recognize Taliban 

By Easwaran Rutnam (@easwaranrutnam)

The Afghan Ambassador to Sri Lanka has refused to recognize the interim cabinet of the Taliban. 

Ashraf Haidari has, in a letter, told the Sri Lankan Government and diplomatic community based in Colombo that the Taliban government is illegitimate, Daily Mirror learns.

The Taliban had this week announced the appointment of an interim cabinet and a Prime Minister.

Haidari told Daily Mirror that none of the Afghan Ambassadors, internationally recognized, have welcomed the announcement of the so-called exclusionary interim cabinet of Taliban.

He said the Taliban cabinet includes UN-sanctioned terrorists as its leadership and excludes women, members of the Islamic Republic government, as well as all ethnic, religious, and sectarian minorities.

“This exclusionary setup facilitated by foreign aggression and established by a visiting foreign intelligence chief has been rejected by all Afghans and heavily criticized by the whole international community,” he said.

Haidari has also told the Sri Lankan Government and foreign diplomatic missions that all Afghan Embassies around the world will continue with their normal duties.

The Ambassador said that Afghans want a broad-based inclusive and representative government.


  1. Obviously, he will not approve it, because he wasn’t appointed by Taliban.

    I agree on China’s strategy on Afghanistan, otherwise a disaster will overspill into China as well. The West wants disaster in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. Currently, the West is very annoyed about the current situation in Afghanistan.

    However, the West’s magic word is ‘Taiwan.’ If China invades Taiwan, the CCP will fall as Hitler fell. Hitler fell because he had invaded his neighbouring countries and Russia, instead of taking on the British for invading others’ homeland on genocides. You must have a moral reason to get the world’s support to achieve your ulterior goals, otherwise you are done. If China invades Taiwan, the West will get the other Asian, European, Middle Eastern and African countries’ support and start a war against China. As the West did when Iraq invaded Kuwait. The CCP has a strategy to win the hearts of Taliban but not the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan. This will be the downfall of China. This will lead to a disaster. The CCP has ignored to enlighten the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong by educating them about the Native Americans’, Canadian and Australian Aboriginal people’s hardships in their own country. Plus Julian Assange’s imprisonment in the UK, Edward Snowden’s political asylum in Russia and my struggles as a writer.

  2. Mr. Ambassador! You may have a thousand reasons to refuse to accept Taliban. But Taliban are sons of your soil. What ever said, they are your native relations. May be they are crude in their approach, but they have changed during the last decades. And look deeply, you will notice that they have the blessings of USA. Be proud to be an ambassador of your own people, than to represent an USA stooge. Join the club instead of being a party to ISIS. Good luck to you.


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