Prime Minister heads to Italy to attend international event

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa left for Italy today to attend an international event.

Concerns had been raised by the Catholic Church over his visit saying he was attempting to use it to mislead the Vatican in Italy over the Easter Sunday attacks.

However, the Foreign Ministry insisted that the Prime Minister had no plans to meet His Holiness, the Pope, during the visit to Italy.

The Foreign Ministry said that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister will visit Bologna, Italy, to participate in an international event which is to be graced by the Prime Minister of Italy and other dignitaries from Italy and other European countries.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the opening session of the international symposium which will be held in one of Europe’s oldest seats of learning, the University of Bologna.

“At no stage has the Prime Minister requested nor has he received an invitation to visit the Vatican for an audience with His Holiness, the Pope,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry said the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister will be leaving Italy, at the conclusion of the events in Bologna. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The West invade other countries and create terrorism on others’ homelands to impose western interests. But South Asian leaders rip off their own people and create terrorism in their own country and neighborhood. South Asia is a terrible region, it has no chance to compete with the West but the western political elites will continue to trick South Asians to impose western interests.

    Today, I met a lady from Tamil Nadu who works as a cashier. Her accent and the way she looks clearly showing Indian Tamil background. I spoke to her in Tamil, she wasn’t comfortable speaking in Tamil, and she said that Tamil doesn’t come easily in public places. However, she has been in Australia for the last two years. I can speak Tamil comfortably even though I have been living in Australia for more than three decades. But this Tamil lady has been taught to deny her mother tongue to boost her image.

    The Five Eyes will not allow me to continue to enlighten the majority world. They are very annoyed, especially Australian convicts. They will get rid of me soon. If I am gone, please do not come to my funeral and do not write a word about me. Do not worry about me, because you have so much to worry about yourselves. My final journey on my own will be a story about your sad and shameful future.

    The Five Eyes countries’ leaders, Chinese leaders, or South Asian leaders do not concern about my writings. This shows this world is heading to a cartographic disaster. I spent most of my time in libraries, but nobody values the knowledge; especially thanks to Australian convicts and their baseless disinformation. I will not be alive to feel the agony of nuclear bombs. Surely, those ignorant leaders and their supporters will go through it.


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