US to remain fully engaged with Sri Lanka on reconciliation issue

The United States says it will remain fully engaged with Sri Lanka on the reconciliation issue.

Outgoing US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina B. Teplitz said that the US believe addressing human rights is really important not just for Americans, which they endeavor to do at home, but also with their partners, and particularly their democratic partners.

“We do need to address human rights issues, the past and the present. We need to deal with the injustices of the past and the present. And in our view a democratic government that is accountable to all of its people should be willing to genuinely and credibly investigate and adjudicate criminal allegations,” the US Embassy in Sri Lanka quoted her as saying.

She said the United States remains committed to supporting the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka.

“We remain fully engaged with the Sri Lankan government on this topic. We are hoping to advance reconciliation, transitional justice and a lasting peace for all Sri Lankans. And we’re committed to just having the difficult conversations and helping make an enduring difference in Sri Lanka,” she said.

She also encouraged the Government to continue to look at how to make policies that are going to be more economically successful. (Colombo Gazette)


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