Gynaecologist urges women to delay pregnancy by a year

By Easwaran Rutnam 

Couples looking to have children have been urged to delay pregnancy by at least one year because of the coronavirus Delta variant. 

Gynecologist Dr. Harsha Atapattu said that the Delta variant poses a serious threat to pregnant women and their unborn children.

As a result, he urged women to delay pregnancy by at least a year, during which time the virus can be studied further and better precautions can be taken.

Speaking to reporters at a media conference organized by the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo, Dr. Harsha Atapattu said that earlier the coronavirus did not pose a serious threat to women and children.

However, he said with the Delta variant the situation has changed.

He urged couples to consider family planning during this period and take precautions.

“One year is a long time in medical terms. During that period we can study the virus more and maybe better vaccines will also be available by then,” he said.

Dr. Harsha Atapattu said that while there are a number of methods to temporarily prevent pregnancy, including a loop, using a condom in this instance is not recommended.

He said that there is a risk of a tear in the condom during sex as a result of which it is not recommended. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


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