State Minister says he supports Gotabaya’s dictatorship

State Minister Indika Anuruddha says Sri Lanka needs a dictator like President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Speaking in Parliament today, Anuruddha said that as Parliamentarian he supports dictatorship.

He said that personally he likes the dictatorship of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The State Minister said that dictatorship helped address several issues in the country.

He said that the opposition pictured Gotabaya Rajapaksa as a dictator in the past and feel the same even now.

The State Minister said that the opposition has concerns purely because the President is delivering to the people. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Glad they accept they are an authoritarian Dictatorship for the whole world to see…

    They think they are fooling the people and are in denial of a massive loss of popularity among their voters due to utter mismanagement and haphazard regulations that only worsened the situation that prevails with a raging pandemic…

    Ban on chemical fertilizers under the guise of moving to organic fertilizers (proven by experts to be impossible to implement) reality is they want to cut spending to save dollars…

    Pandemic mismanagement and lack of transparency of pandemic data.

    Ridiculously Overpriced PCR test kits and other related items…

    Fooling citizens by entertaining snake oil salesman’s magic potion cure, black magic rituals of throwing pots in the river instead of placing early vaccination orders…

    Next using taxpayers money to buy Sinopharm @ 15$ (actual price probably 5$) instead of buying a much cheaper AstraZeneca which has a higher efficacy than Sinopharm and had WHO approval much earlier for 6.50$ still they didn’t buy it.

    Probably No kick backs from AstraZeneca, while Chinese probably worked in kickbacks…

    Forcibly trying to hold the $ to a hard peg at 203/- while reckless printing of rupees without properly understanding the implications of such moves ending up creating black market $ price increase upto 240/- adding to destabilization…

    Inability and failure to take advantage of global initiative to provide pandemic relief to citizens of many countries in 2020 (lost opportunity too late to benefit from) intelligent nations were quick to capitalize on it.

    The inability and refusal to abide by constitutional governance and the Inability to govern without tearing down complex systems of governance and all checks and balances is clear for all to see.

  2. Hope he doesn’t compare GR with the likes of the Late Great LEE KUAN YEW. It will be an insult for the late Premier.

  3. The problem is, South Asians have no idea about dictatorship. Nobody in South Asia will become a strong leader to guide the people to come up. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa listens to his elder brothers. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa has been shaped by the western powers for the last 50 years. He will never change nor allow his younger brother to change. Secondly, Basil Rajapaksa who changed the Sri Lankan Constitution to keep his American citizenship. I am speaking from my own experience, because I have three elder brothers; they are diots. They strongly believe that Sri Lanka has trains because of the West. Those three idiots never travelled to China and never travelled on China’s speed trains, but I have travelled in China. The West didn’t give speed trains to China.

    The President also listens to Buddhist monks, but the Chinese leaders do not even keep Dalai Lama inside of China. South Asians have been screwed for centuries by the foreign powers. The people are shaped by the foreign powers to fulfill the foreign agendas. Thus, South Asians cannot come together to make good decisions to come up. Simple example, the current and previous foreign ministers have different ideology about dressing to work. The Chinese leaders do not have that problem. The people thought Hinduism and Buddhism were foolish religions, but ended up following Christianity and Islam. Those two religions came from the foreign powers who ripped off South Asia extensively. I personally know people who highly talk about Gandhi but following foreign religion, funny isn’t it, this is South Asia :—)))


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