Covid death toll in Sri Lanka crosses the 10,000 mark

The coronavirus death toll in Sri Lanka crossed the 10,000 mark today.

The Ministry of Health said that another 189 deaths linked to the virus were confirmed today.

As a result the total number of deaths from the pandemic rose to 10,040 in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Headlines from Sri Lanka Mirror

    “Cannot be responsible for impending catastrophe says Dr. Ananda as he resigns”

    Consultant physician Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama has resigned from the Covid Prevention Technical Committee.

    This is an indicator of what is to come due to government mishandling of the pandemic…

  2. People are not only dying in Sri Lanka, they are dying all around the world, especially the death toll is increasing in developing countries. Blame Bill Gates and the CIA for the disaster. Eventually, people will see the perpetrators clearly, but they cannot do anything about it. This is a battle between wise and powerful vs poor and foolish. Specifically speaking, the wise and powerful leaders want to keep their status, and also to make sure that poor and foolish people remain the same. Where the Western countries will end up, if India, South America and Africa use the massive population to create wealth and power as China does?

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