Young Jaffna journalist dies hours after tweeting he was refused jab

By Easwaran Rutnam 

A young Tamil journalist based in Jaffna has died after contracting the coronavirus, hours after he tweeted saying he had been refused the Covid vaccine. 

Pragas Gnanapragasam, a muscular dystrophy patient, tweeted on Wednesday saying he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

He said that he had tested positive for the virus after suffering from fever for five days.

Gnanapragasam said that health authorities had refused to give him the coronavirus vaccine as he was a muscular dystrophy patient.

“I tested positive for Covid 19 today after five days fever. now health normally good. I muscular dystrophy patient but so far not vaccinated me,” he tweeted on Wednesday morning.

When he was asked on twitter why he did not get the jab earlier he responded saying the local health authorities refused to vaccinate him as he was a muscular dystrophy patient.

“….they saw me as muscular dystrophy patient. my father asking to the MOH office but they checked my medical reports and told can’t vaccines,” he tweeted.

Several people, including officials from the Prime Minister’s office tweeted, wishing him a speedy recovery.

However, the 29-year-old journalist, who was getting treatment at home, suddenly had breathing difficulties yesterday (Thursday) and died on admission to hospital. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. —- A massage for Easwaran Rutnam and others, your judgement day is getting closer —-

    I would not recognise them as knowledgable 21st-century world citizens, let alone ‘journalists’ who educate their own citizens and the world.

    The Sooner they die is better for the 21st-century humanity. The majority (99.9%) of South Asians are born to keep Australian convicts and their American, British, Canadian and Kiwis cousins on top forever. Eventually, convicts kill me but do not write a word after my death. I do not want any South Asian to attend my funeral including my family members, relatives and friends. I am happy to carry on my last journey as I am living my life in isolation. I have seen South Asians’ agony and pain because they could not breathe. However, I would not see Australians’ agony and pain due to nuclear bombs. I am very certain, Australia will be the first country to be destroyed by nuclear bombs in the western countries.

    China can not beat the Five Eyes, because the Five Eyes countries are unbelievably deceitful. Eventually, China will find the truth and start a nuclear war. The CCP had the Taliban leaders in Beijing, but the Chinese leaders would not give a damn about people like me, Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. At least Five Eyes countries pretend they do the right things, but China has no consideration to occupy the moral high ground whatsoever. This is a disaster for humanity. Therefore, nuclear war is inevitable, the West can not avoid nuclear war by creating Covid 19. In the coming days, you will see the number of people dying in developing countries significantly increase compare to developed countries. This will make it clear who created COVID 19. This will make the dragon really really really angry. A simple example, think about the number of deaths in Sri Lanka and Australia. I rest my case.

  2. Sad to see fools call themselves journalists. These fools have no idea about the real world, no idea how Great Britain ruled the world, and how the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were born.

  3. Very sad to read this. Another innocent victim of this scourge of a virus. Sadly, it seems like a case of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

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