ACJU says hoarding essential commodities is Haraam

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) says hoarding essential commodities is Haraam (prohibited).

Issuing a statement, the ACJU said that the entire world, including Sri Lanka, has been effected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased prices on essential commodities has also adversely effected the routine lives of the people.

“Islam teaches us to engage in social welfare efforts and to identify the sick and the needy and to offer them possible assistance. The businessmen play a vital role in fulfilling the essential necessities of the people. We pray that their businesses are blessed with prosperity,” ACJU said.

ACJU noted that Islam strongly emphasizes that businessmen should uphold honesty at any given situation.

“Prophet Muhammad SalallahuAlaihi Wasallam has supplicated for honest businessmen and is reported to have said that such persons shall be with the Prophets, Siddeeqeen (Truthful) and Martyrs, in the Hereafter. However, it has been reported in the media that some businesses have hoarded essential commodities and restricted them from being distributed among the public anticipating a price increase. The Government is reported to have taken appropriate action against those guilty of this offence,” ACJU said.

ACJU said that hadith has warned against such hoarders and declared them as liars and cursed them. The religious scholars have stated that hoarding such essential commodities as Haraam (prohibited).

The Islamic ruling with regard to this matter has been issued by ACJU under the Fatwa Number: ACJU/FTW/2021/020-435. Web-link (Tamil) –

Hence during these difficult circumstances, the ACJU appealed to businessmen to refrain from hoarding essential commodities and make them available for the public at reasonable prices. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These Muslim scum bag businessmen used to buy rice from government warehouses that was condemned as unfit for human consumption as a result of weevil infestation; mill it, and resell to consumers as rice flour. What was intended to be animal feed was consumed by humans.

    These are a sub-species ( Muslims) claiming to be human.

    • You are right. A Scumbag is a Scumbag whether he or she is a Muslim, a Catholic, a Hindu or a Buddhist and whether he/she is in business or barber or teacher or Police person or laundry owner. We see so many sex offenders in garbs of religious dignitary – sadly they too are Scumbags. Yes. All these are a sub-species claiming to be human. It is our fate that you and I are destined to live in this society of scumbags. Let us-you and I try to keep ourselves clean even if we have to go to the jungle, eat the roots of tree or yams and meditate seeking salvation. Welcome to the club.

  2. “Prophet Muhammad SalallahuAlaihi Wasallam has supplicated for honest businessmen”

    What is business? A person buys products for lower prices and sells them for higher prices to make a profit. How can you run an honest business? How do you determine an honest business? What percentage is honest profit, 5%, 10%, 25%, or 50%? There is no honest business. A community-based organization takes care of the community, it is called a ‘Not for profit organization.’

    Religion makes sense for fools, nor for wise people.

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