GMOA against move to allow military to manage vaccination program

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMO) has raised objections to moves to allow the military to mange the entire Pfizer vaccination program.

In a letter to Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella, the GMOA said that it vehemently protests the handing over of the entire Pfizer vaccination program to the military.

“While appreciating the multi sectorial contribution to managing the COVID situation, the GMOA said that the vaccine strategy and implementation should be developed and done by the health sector,” the GMOA said.

The GMOA said that appreciates the urgent measures taken to strengthen the Epidemiology Unit, with the objective of increasing the efficiency of all 6 functions the unit is responsible for.

“Our preventive care system, especially the vaccination program is on par with the best of the developed countries,” the GMOA said.

However, the GMOA said that with the current COVID 19 vaccination, the preventive care system has been neglected and sidelined, resulting in failure to achieve expected goals and creating confusion and lack of trust among the general public.

In this context the GMOA noted that an aggressive vaccination programme should be instituted for above 60 years all over the country coupled with active surveillance and performance audit.

The GMOA said that a similar strategy should be instituted to patients suffering from NCDs and other vulnerable groups.

The GMOA also said that 30 years to 60 years vaccination should continue as it is while ensuring the above priority categories.

It also said that continuous supply of vaccines to MOH offices and Hospitals is not properly guided by the national focal point causing inefficiencies in vaccine supply and confusion due to lack of proper guidance to delivery points.

“We request you to rectify the inefficiencies and confusion by appointing DDG PHS (I), Dr.S.M. Arnold as the focal point of vaccination. We request you to stop all interference by various parties with regard to COVID19 vaccination enabling the aforesaid focal point to function without disturbance. Any views, opinions and suggestions should be directed to the national focal point Dr. Arnold DDG PHS (I) for tabling at the Subcommittee for Vaccination Strategy of the Epidemiology Unit,” the GMOA said.

The GMOA requested the Health Minister to take necessary actions to rectify the aforementioned issues in order to ensure COVID 19 vaccination program is conducted effectively and efficiently to achieve expected outcome. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Which is the vaccine that needs to be stored at sub Siberian temperature of -35 degrees centigrade? Is it this one? If so, how is being actually done? We didn’t have the facility to do so??

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