Terror attack warning issued for Kabul airport

A number of nations say there is a high threat of a terrorist attack at Kabul airport and have warned their citizens not to travel there.

Australia, the US and UK have issued alerts to their citizens. Those already outside the airport are advised to leave the area immediately.

More than 82,000 have been airlifted from Kabul, which fell to the Taliban 10 days ago.

Countries are rushing to evacuate people by a 31 August deadline.

Thousands of people are still waiting inside and outside the airport, hoping to fly out of the country.

The Taliban have opposed extending the deadline but also promised to allow foreigners and Afghans to leave the country beyond 31 August, according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

On Thursday, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Payne, said: “There is an ongoing and very high threat of a terrorist attack”.

It comes hours after the US State Department told those waiting at the Abbey Gate, East Gate or North Gate to “leave immediately”.

The Foreign Office said that the security situation in Afghanistan “remains volatile” adding that there was “an ongoing and high threat of a terrorist attack”.

None of the countries gave any further information on the security threat. (Courtesy BBC)


  1. The West will continue to undermine the new Afghanistan government, because China and Russia are behind the new government. The West has airlifted more than 82000 people. This is enough people to create a disaster in Afghanistan. Those 82000 Afghanistan people will be working hard, pay taxes to develop the West, funding a proxy war and protest in the western countries to fulfill the western interests, as Tamil diaspora did for decades. Fortunately, Sri Lanka concluded the brutal civil war, because people like me enlightened the local and international community. Plus the Sri Lankan defence forces’ priceless sacrifices. Unfortunately, Afghanistan do not have the knowledgeable people in geopolitics to enlighten their own people.

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