Malaysia offers temporary employment pass to Sri Lankan illegal immigrants

Malaysia has offered temporary employment passes to illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka.

A total of 96,809 undocumented immigrants have been deported as at August 20 under the Repatriation Recalibration Programme, Immigration Department of Malaysia Deputy Director General (control) Datuk Makhzan Mahyuddin said today.

He said during the same period 174,068 illegal immigrants were registered under the Labour Recalibration Programme, a rehiring scheme, the Bernama news service reported.

“Under the Labour Recalibration Programme, employers in five sectors (plantation, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and services) facing a labour shortage due to the freeze on foreign worker recruitment, can hire the illegal immigrants.

“The employer must ensure they have a valid travel document and register them with Immigration for verification.

“The employer will also need to get a quota approval from the Human Resources Ministry before it is endorsed by Immigration,” he said during an interview this morning on Bernama Radio about the Recalibration Plan for Illegal Immigrants.

Makhzan said the illegal immigrants from 15 countries – including Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – who get the okay will be granted a temporary employment pass (PLKS) under the programme.

He said the cost of hiring for the agriculture and plantation sectors is RM2,535 per worker, while for the construction, manufacturing and services sectors it is RM3,745 per worker.

He said that the levy for the first group is RM640, while for the second group it is RM1,850.

Makhzan said the Recalibration Plan will end on Dec 21, 2021, or till the Cvodi-19 vaccination programme for illegal immigrants is over.

He hopes that employers and the immigrants will take advantage of this opportunity to avoid being arrested and charged.

He said those who opt for repatriation must pay a fine of RM300 – RM500 for offences under the Immigration Act 1959/63, have a plane ticket home and legit Covid-19 test result.

He said the repatriation programme is not for those who have committed a criminal offence and have to go to court. (Colombo Gazette)


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