ChoKoLAATe magazine hosts ‘the WRITE way’

A Twitter Space titled ‘the WRITE way’ was hosted recently by ChoKoLAATe Magazine with the aim of conversing on authors and writing in Sri Lanka via their Twitter account @ChokolaateM

The speakers for this topic were Andrew Fidel Fernando(@afidelf) and Dr. Devika Brendon (@LittleGoddes). The session was moderated by Shamla Naleer (@97shamster).

The panelists were asked questions on their personal experience and other questions that budding authors and aspiring writers got answers to.

The space in general was quite interactive after the floor was opened to the listeners to ask questions to.

ChoKoLAATe as a youth organization has been encouraging young kids and the youth to write as much as possible since it’s initiation 15 years ago. Because of this, many people found their writing abilities from being freelance writers to their magazine and blog.