Samantha Power describes Mangala as a patriot

Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Samantha Power has described late Minister Mangala Samaraweera as a great patriot and statesman.

The former US Ambassador to the United Nations said that she was devastated by the passing of Mangala Samaraweera.

She said that Samaraweera was a great patriot and statesman, advocate for democracy and human rights, and a treasured friend.

“Mangala entered politics during a brutal civil war because he dreamed of peace, harmony and dignity for all Sri Lankans. He helped found the Mothers’ Front, which tracked information on Sri Lanka’s legion of disappeared while pressing for answers on their fate and accountability,” she said.

Power said that Mangala fought for justice and for reconciliation and as Foreign Minister he pushed to create the Office on Missing Persons, and for reparations to war victims and survivors.

As Finance Minister, he orchestrated the forgiveness of loans taken out by desperate families after the war.

“Mangala wanted to open Sri Lanka to the world, and and I’m grateful to have worked with him to strengthen US-Sri Lanka ties,” she said.

Samantha Power said that Mangala Samaraweera is one of the most remarkable public servants she has known and a profoundly good person.

She said she will miss his wise counsel, tremendous wit, and rare gift for friendship. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. A committed western patriotic dies by the wester virus which was created to keep the western dominant power. Most of you would not agree with me, that’s OK. If you would agree with the people like me you would not have killed Gandhi, you would not have created terrorism in Sri Lanka and assassinated talented leaders, and would not have fought the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades. Sadly, you still do not understand what is geopolitics. This is truly a tragedy to the humanity in the 21st century.

      • Dear Gabriella, you can not even reveal your identity, but you think highly of yourself. My opinion about Mangala is the same whether he is alive or dead. I don’t have two faces, as corrupt politicians. I know what they have said when he was alive and what they say after he has died. I have experienced what is human rights and democracy under the good governance government. I don’t think the Rajapaksas would treat people like me any differently. Basically, you all are shaped by the West and you would not think any differently. You may say hang on, we didn’t listen to the West and won the war. You won the war because of your hatred towards on a particular race, not based on the knowledge you have on the western countries. You will continue to be the victims of western tricks. Unfortunately, you would not develop your knowledge to understand geopolitics, nor accept the people who have dedicated their lives to develop their knowledge. What is about to come is a true reflection of your ignorance and foolishness.

        When Mangala Samaraweera was a foreign minister, I was living in Sri Lanka. I was given hard times by the western puppets (Tamils). I reported to the police six times, but nothing has been done. The Western puppet pepper sprayed into my eyes, stole my passport, laptop, and smartphone. I have a witness, but Jaffna police called the perpetrator for inquiry but let him go. The perpetrator followed me and threaten to kill me in Colombo 3. I reported to the Colombo-3 police station but the police did nothing. One thing puzzled me greatly, I did not inform anyone where I was going but the perpetrator knew my location, perhaps the government may have provided the information from my mobile phone location. I informed about the police forces’ ignorance at the Police Head office in Colombo, and also wrote to the Prime Minister, but still, nothing has been done to protect me. Not even a sentence in Sri Lankan media about what was happening to me.

        I would say Mangala and 99% of South Asians are defenders of the western powers. They do not protect human rights and democracy. Otherwise, they would have said something when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and broke me financially when I was made aware of Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships. Likewise, the Colombo gazette has blocked me from its Facebook account. Again it proves they are defenders of the western powers. I do not believe that Colombo Gazette is protecting human rights and democracy by blocking me from its Facebook account. In 2011, I had to leave Canada because of crazy Tamils who support the western powers blindly. In Ottawa, inside of a Tamil shop, a Tamil man tried to stab me with a knife, because I had refused to write against the Sri Lankan Government during the final war. Literally, I had to leave Canada to protect myself, because the Canadian Government was turning a blind eye due to my writings.

        In India, every vote has been bought by a bribe. Whole South Asia revolves around bribes, almost everyone cheats the system to make ends meet while breeding like rabbits. At the same time they call themselves believers of God and democracy. The corrupt politicians sell the country to create their own wealth. Teachers cheat at schools to make money from tuition classes. Government servants work only a few hours a day. Police and customs officers take bribes. You all are fooling yourselves when it come to honesty, integrity and hard work. Whether you like it or not, your judgment day is getting closer. Nothing will stop you from paying a price for your ignorance, and foolishness.

          • You are a typical convict. You think that you can fool the majority world as you have fooled Native Americans, Canadian and Australian Aboriginal. Either you will lose, or you will destroy the whole world. The dragon will never live under you, because people like me have enlighten the dragon enough.

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