Mangala Samaraweera dies after contracting Covid

Former Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera has died after contracting Covid.

He passed away while receiving treatment at a private hospital in Colombo.

The former Minister was 65-years old at the time of his death.

The former Minister had been admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital a few days after he tested positive for the virus.

Samaraweera was a strong advocate for human rights and democracy.

He served as a Foreign Minister and Finance Minister in the former Government but stepped down from politics last year.

The former Minister continued his fight to protect human rights and democracy until his death. (Colombo Gazette)

One of his last interviews:


  1. Mangala Samaraweera was a rarity amongst Sri Lankan politicians; an intelligent, articulate man, with a social conscience. And on “face value” a reasonably honest politician. Of all the scum in Sri Lankan politics whose deaths we would have gladly rejoiced, this scourge of a virus took one of the best. Where is the justice in this
    world ?

    RIP a true champion of Sri Lanka’s best interests.

      • @Antany

        You need serious psychiatric help. Your comments are not about improving the human condition or agitating for better mechanisms to improve the lives of the masses. You are merely engaging in self-gratification in the mistaken belief that you are somehow selflessly working for the greater good.

        You don’t have a sense of humour, but, I still think you could be successful as a comedian, performing a morbidly frenetic comedic routine. Good luck with that !

  2. May you Rest In Peace Minister! We will fight twice as hard to make your dreams and aspirations for Sri Lanka become a reality.

  3. How about his involvement in the death of Satana editor Rohana Kumara during Chandrika’s time. Rest In Peace.

  4. I say to Mangala R I P, and also to all corrupt journalists, politicians, teachers, government servants, including police and custom officers R I P by being honest with yourself and others while you are alive. Having peace of mind is a great blessing well before Corvid 19 blocks our breath. I do not know how long I can continue to expose the world power, but they are tightening the noose. I have done my part for the world and I am being honest with myself and others. I can gladly say that I did not even take one dollar that belongs to someone else. I drive 19 years old car, market value is 800 Australian dollars and my total wealth is few thousand Australian dollars.

    “The former Minister continued his fight to protect human rights and democracy until his death.”

    When Mangala Samaraweera was a foreign minister, I was living in Sri Lanka. I was given hard times by the western puppets(Tamils). I reported to the police six times, but nothing has been done. The Western puppet pepper sprayed into my eyes, stole my passport, laptop, and smartphone. I have a witness, but Jaffna police called the perpetrator for inquiry but let him go. The perpetrator followed me and threaten to kill me in Colombo 3. I reported to the Colombo-3 police station but the police did nothing. One thing puzzled me greatly, I did not inform to anyone where I was going but the perpetrator knew my location, perhaps the government may provided the information from my mobile phone location. I informed about the police forces’ ignorance at the Police Head office in Colombo, and also wrote to the Prime Minister, but still nothing has done to protect me. Not even a sentence in Sri Lankan media about what was happening to me.

    I rather call Mangala and 99% of South Asians as defenders of western powers. They do not protect human rights and democracy. Otherwise, they would have said something when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and broke me financially when I made aware of Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships. Likewise, Colombo gazette has blocked me from its Facebook account. Again defenders of the western powers. I do not believe that Colombo Gazette is protecting human rights and democracy by blocking me from its Facebook account. In 2011, I had to leave Canada because of crazy Tamils who support the western powers blindly. In Ottawa, inside of a Tamil shop, a Tamil man tried to stab me with a knife, because I had refused to write against the Sri Lankan Government during the final war. Literally, I had to leave Canada to protect myself, because the Canadian Government was turning a blind eye due to my writings. In India, every vote has been bought by a bribe. Whole South Asia revolves in bribes, all most everyone cheats the system to make ends meet while breeding like rabbits. At the same time call themselves believers of God and democracy. You are fooling yourselves, whether you like it or not your judgement day is getting closer.

  5. Yes, for the US Telegraph his only worth was in his recently taken role of playing dispensible dissident with rhetoric on “Human rights and Democracy” , but I suppose for his family and close friends the poor man was worth more than that.

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