Another 194 Covid related deaths in Sri Lanka

Another 194 Covid related deaths have been reported in Sri Lanka, the Health Ministry said today.

The Health Ministry said that the deaths had occurred yesterday and were confirmed today as being linked to the coronavirus.

The latest victims include 145 people above the age of 60.

The death toll from the virus in Sri Lanka has now risen to 7,560. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The people who tested positive for COVID 19 are increasing in thousands, but the number of deaths remains almost the same. I believe that the people who have died must be higher than 194. What you see and hear is nothing compare to what is coming. Even if they hide now, but in the near future impossible to hide the truth. The good news is, the corrupt officials who cover the truth won’t be alive.

    • Unfortunately, the scum (politicians) are not dropping dead fast enough. There must be some truth in the American claim that this is a Chinese virus, because, it is not killing any of their scum-bag friends in parliament.

      • Not even one politician died in Australia. Furthermore, if it is a Chinese virus, Basil Rajapaksa has American Citizenship, he would have gone a long time ago.

  2. “Facebook user from Nugegoda arrested for posting Kalubowila hospital fake picture” – reported by Azzam Ameen.

    What is this Government doing!? Is this fake news or are they trying to hide real information from reaching the public!!?

    Media playing a part in suppressing of the reality on the ground remember blood is on your hands too…

    Report the news as you were thought in journalism school instead of misleading the citizens by depriving their right to information…

    Who are the lawyers defending this individual who was arrested!!?

    “The Radio Television Digital News Association, an organization exclusively centered on electronic journalism, has a code of ethics centering on public trust, truthfulness, fairness, integrity, independence, and accountability.”

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