Number of daily infections in Sri Lanka exceeds 4000

The number of daily Covid infections in Sri Lanka exceeded the 4000 mark for the first time today.

The Health Ministry said that 4,282 people were found to be infected so far today. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The number will increase significantly in the near future, and the death rate will go up as well. Billions of people will die. China has to recalculate its sales forecast all around the world and Indians should stop daydreaming about become like China. The West has started to put a full stop for Asia’s advancement. You do not understand the people who don’t live in their own country. I lived in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. I know them far more than any Asian leader. The Five Eyes countries are on top, because of their ability to become brutal, at the same they can cover up their atrocities and ill deeds extremely well. I lived and travelled extensively in Five Eyes countries, I am victim because of my writings, but many of you would not agree; that’s the power of Five Eyes countries.

  2. Finally getting closer to releasing the real data!?

    Now give a detailed area map so that people will be more cautious avoiding high density areas and follow Covid19 guidelines.

    3 week lockdown to ensure the spread can be significantly reduced and prevent our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed.

    Ensure that you make available any requirements our healthcare workers and hospitals need.

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