Experts believe Islamist extremists in Middle-East may bolster from Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

A defence expert has said terror organizations, including Al-Qaeda, will gain strength in Pakistan and Afghanistan as Taliban insurgents took control of Kabul.

However, Steinberg believes that it is impossible to say so far where this increased strength will become evident at first.

“Obviously, there are some areas where the jihadis are strong anyway — in Afghanistan first of all,” he told DW.

Unlike the past, following the Taliban capturing of Kabul, new alliances among Islamic extremists could be one way that they become stronger, experts believe.

Another such “deal” has already been sealed between the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

“Some people might think that al-Qaeda hasn’t been very active in the past 10 years or since the assassination of bin Laden, but documents and investigations show clearly that the relationship between the Taliban and al-Qaeda is very much alive, with al-Qaeda supporting the Taliban,” Mohamad told DW.

Overall, he fears that Afghanistan, Libya and Syria will turn into bases for preparing terrorist attacks on European and American targets. (justearthnews)