AIB to host first digital marketing conference

The Academy of International Business will be hosting the first Research Digital Marketing Conference on September (1), under the theme “Digital Marketing Evolution & Next Generation 2021”. Research marketing will be one of the main focuses emphasized

The AIB team have researched and structured the programme to benefit those attending the conference.

Aspiring marketers can learn on identifying the potential clientele in each sector and develop a strategy for research base marketing. The conference will be the first in the digital marketing education industry that will help gain an advantage and cater to the current creative demands.

The conference will also highlight the scientific approach to conducting research. This area was encouraged by one of the partnering universities, the Guglielmo Marconi University in Italy. The university has facilitated the academic integration via Transmind Institute of Training and Development for AIB.

The director of AIB Chrishankar Janathanan said, “This is the first initiative in Sri Lanka for the digital marketing fields to encourage the participation of industry professionals to submit their case studies, research work for a research conference in Digital marketing. The programme’s contribution to the field of digital marketing study and scientific publications. AIB is committed to being the front runner and ensures the best of Sri Lanka’s talent to the world. It also aims to give the international standarded education to Sri Lanka”.

Areas of focus will be Digital Business Management, Digital Entrepreneurship, Performance Management and Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing Designs and Digital Media Marketing. The conference will commence on September 1-15, October 10th, November 10th to December 5th.

For more details and registration of the event, visit the AIB webpage or social media pages.

About AIB

The Academy of International Business(AIB) pioneered digital marketing education founded in the year 2015. The organization has been able to make several inroads in quality partnerships such as ABE (UK), CPD (UK), Pearson Test for English (PTE) and accreditation by British Council for IELTS.

It has emerged as providing quality functions within education. AIB is also involved in the trades of professional recruitment and digital agency work. The organization has emerged as an innovator by bringing in the nexus of professional recruitment and bridging the gap in the industry.