Public in Sri Lanka urged not to wait to fulfil the Pfizer dream

The public in Sri Lanka have been urged not to wait to fulfil the Pfizer dream.

A number of people have not been vaccinated for Covid as they are hopeful of securing the Pfizer vaccine.

However, health authorities are urging the public to get any vaccine available instead of trying to pick a brand.

“We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic and I have seen people who didn’t live long enough to fulfil the “Pfizer dream”!! Get the vaccination that is available. Don’t even delay a day! It’s frustrating to see people die in vain,” Regional Epidemiologist at the Colombo Municipal Council Dr. Dinu Guruge tweeted.

Several people have refused to obtain the Sinopharm vaccine fearing they will not be able to travel to some countries.

The Sinopharm vaccine has not been recognised yet by a few countries. (Colombo Gazette)