Navy ship leaves for India to bring oxygen to Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Navy ship (SLNS) Shakthi left the Trincomalee harbour for the Port of Chennai, India this morning (17th August 2021) to transport a shipment of medical grade oxygen to Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the ship will take the delivery of the oxygen ordered from the Indian Government, in order to maintain the required medical grade oxygen stocks for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the island.

With a view to preventing possible delays in the ports in bringing the medical grade oxygen to the country, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa directed Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne to make arrangements to transport those items by the Sri Lanka Navy.

Responding swiftly to the directives of the President, Sri Lanka Navy dispatched landing ship tanker SLNS Shakthi to the port of Chennai this morning, to take the freight home urgently.

Accordingly, the naval ship is scheduled to arrive at the port of Chennai, India by tomorrow evening (18th August 2021). Further, the Navy says it will continue to go ahead with this service as required and stands ready at all times to apply itself at will, with an unwavering spirit to respond to any emergency situation in the country.


  1. Do not expect a lot from India, because it is already in trouble. I always worked on to give back to India for turning Tamils as terrorists. I never thought it will come so quickly. The people who don’t live in their own country facing difficulties to dominate the world. And the corrupt and foolish leaders who turned Tamils as terrorists starting to understand their fate. I am really happy 😄

  2. Well done President Gotabahaya. If only you would seek the advice of competent people and sideline the scum in parliament, we may transform into the “Wonder of
    Asia “ rather than the current “Hovel of Asia”.

    We trusted you and you ( President) destroyed that trust. It will take an enormous effort on your part to regain that trust, but, it is still possible. However, your political cronies are the MILLSTONE AROUND YOUR NECK.

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