Maliban Biscuits titled ‘Most Loved’ biscuit brand for fifth consecutive year

With the continued commitment to inspire goodness for many generations, Maliban Biscuit Manufactories was recently honoured as the ‘Most Loved’ biscuit brand for the fifth consecutive year. Standing as a testament to the organisation’s firm market positioning, Maliban was also placed among Sri Lanka’s overall top ten ‘Most Loved’ brands – for the first time.

With a vision to be the most successful and respected biscuit company in Sri Lanka, along with a mission to win the hearts and minds of  its consumers, Maliban strives to deliver a plethora of food propositions with exceptional quality, safety and value. Beyond its commitment in serving high standard products, the firm also places its keen focus on being environmentally and socially responsible, creating employee satisfaction and returning optimum value to stakeholders.

Commenting on the feat, Ms. Kumudika Fernando – Managing Director of Maliban Biscuits stated, “Dating back to the roots of Maliban, we stand by our founder A.G. Hinnyappuhamy’s core principle of delivering high value products without compromising its taste or quality. As a heritage brand, we have continuously researched, developed and innovated over decades to better serve our consumers from different age groups”. She further commented, “Being awarded as the ‘Most Loved’ biscuit brand for the 5th year in a row certainly proves that our efforts are being noticed and valued by our consumers. This makes us even more determined to continue on our path as one of the nation’s trusted confectionaries.”

Mr. Ravi Jayawardena – Group Chief Executive Officer of Maliban Group further mentioned, “Driven by ambition and innovation, Maliban has consistently developed its products for over 6 decades, with the aim to serve its consumers nothing but the best. Setting a nostalgic persona via products that grow with the consumers in the local market, Maliban places a keen focus on innovation with the aim to broaden its international footprint in various global markets. This drive further enables a robust export trade around 50 countries across 5 continents, with Europe posing as our largest market”.

Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt) Ltd. is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their valued customers and other stakeholders in terms of offering safe, high-quality goods. Maliban is focused on creating products by continuously improving its Quality Management System and advancing its strategic goals. Through effective training, incentive and ethical governance, Maliban has built a framework for defining and attaining quality targets while also complying with applicable legal and other obligations.

In addition to its ISO certifications (22000, 14001, and 9001), Maliban was the first food company to obtain the COVID-19 Safety Management System certification from SLSI last year. The organization has also won a plethora of international recognitions, including the more recent Superior Taste Awards from the International Taste Institute (ITI) in Brussels during 2019 and Brand Excellence Award – FMCG sector at the Sri Lanka Best Brand Awards 2020; further proving its continuous drive and commitment towards the local community.