China and Sri Lanka sign RMB 2 Billion deal

China and Sri Lanka have entered into a RMB 2 Billion deal to support Sri Lanka’s coronavirus response and economic revival program.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka said that the China Development Bank and Sri Lankan Government entered into a RMB 2 Billion (approx LKR 61.5 Billion) Term Facility agreement today (17 Aug).

The agreement was reached on a request made by Sri Lanka to support its COVID-19 response, economic revival, financial stability and livelihood betterment. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Looks like debt trap diplomacy. When Sri Lanka struggles to make repayments, China will agree to relax the loan conditions in exchange for territorial access. Some of your politicians have become very wealthy from this deal. I feel sorry for Sri Lanka.

  2. No escape. We are under Chinese spell. Not only that, MR is beginning to look like Mao Tse Tung ! Just compare the features.

  3. If the fools do not know what is right thing to do then it is upto the wise people to put the correct pressure on the fools. So the fools can’t do anything else other than following the wise people.

  4. Obviously, the Five Eyes countries are falling. The Facebook has removed my posts which Hillary Clinton has admitted that the US created terrorism to defeat Russia. From now on the Five Eyes will be bankrupt in everything :—))) Finally, we are seeing the people who don’t live in their own country no longer dominating the world. This is a great victory for humanity.

    Please click the link to understand the disaster created by the US.

    • Are you on drugs!?
      What great victory!?
      Anyone in Afghanistan who stands up to the Taliban to try and clean up their country and install a government who will work for the people of Afghanistan will be killed by them!
      Even the Afghanistan military was too frightened to fight them how exactly is this a win for the people of Afghanistan?
      The sons and daughter who will be raped, beaten oppressed tortured deprived of a good education, forced into radicalization is that your victory!??

  5. Great news, we know how to stop you running to corrupt Indians. We will prove to you that we are wiser than Great Britain, because it could not stopped you from running to Indians :—))

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