Tough Covid restrictions to be enforced

By Easwaran Rutnam 

Tough restrictions are expected to be announced by the Government soon to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus, government sources said.

Sources said that the restrictions were expected to be declared following a Covid Task Force meeting with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa scheduled for this morning.

However, sources said that the meeting which was scheduled for 10.30 am today had been postponed indefinitely.

Sources said that the meeting could take place later in the day but there was uncertainty as some participants could not attend because of Covid.

Cabinet has also been meeting virtually over the past couple of weeks as a precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among the Ministers.

According to government sources, the Covid Task Force, when it meets, is expected to discuss enforcing tough restrictions as the daily death toll from the virus crossed the 150 mark yesterday.

Daily Mirror learns that so far there is no consensus in the government to enforce a complete lockdown as that would severely affect those who earn a daily wage and most government servants.

Others are also concerned even a brief lockdown will have a serious impact on the economy which was trying to recover.

A number of hotels in and around Colombo have already begun cancelling bookings fearing a long lockdown.

However, a spokesperson at a leading hotel in Colombo told Daily Mirror that they have not cancelled any bookings and will accommodate guests if they have approval to travel even if there is a lockdown.


  1. This disaster was engineered by the President. The deaths of these people were caused by his mismanagement and ignorance.

    Even at this late stage, he has failed to remove his incompetent appointees and replace them with competent people. The removal of the Health minister would be a good start; closely followed by the buffoon Shavendra.

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