Laugfs given approval to increase domestic gas price

Laugfs has been given approval to increase the price of domestic gas.

The Consumer Affairs Authority has approved the price of a Laugfs 12.5kg cylinder to be increased to 1,856 and a 5kg cylinder to Rs. 743.

The move comes despite the Government announcing earlier it will not approve a gas price increase.

There has been a serious shortage of gas in the market with Laugfs suspending imports.

Laugfs Gas decided to suspend imports due to difficulties faced in opening Letters of Credit (LCs) and the accumulation of losses.

The Consumer Affairs Authority said that there is no increase of the price of Litro gas.(Colombo Gazette)


  1. It will take a UNP government to fix the damage done by this idiotic government and reduce the prices of all essential items that this government allowed to skyrocket…

    On the other side the SLPP 2/3 now want Vimukthi Kumaratunga to enter politics and save them from this Rajapaksas disaster…

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