Record 124 deaths reported in a single day in Sri Lanka

A record 124 deaths have been reported in a single day in Sri Lanka, the Health Ministry said.

The 124 deaths had occurred yesterday (Tuesday) and were confirmed today as being linked to Covid.

The latest victims includes 95 people above the age of 60. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The disaster has started to unfold…

    Useless leadership based on corrupt minds and foolishness. South Asia has failed to utilise its massive human resources. Its is over, the disaster has started to unfold, this is not the end. Eventually, you will be under the lockdown and become bankrupt. The days are coming, you can’t even afford to buy vaccines.

    The Australian Government would not have deleted my citizenship and broke me financially, if I was born in Russia, China or Europe. Obviously, the Australian Government thought South Asians are not wise enough to understand its trick, even if they do they have no backbone or power to questioning it.

    Not only South Asian countries, but South America, Africa, Middle East and other parts of Asia also in a similar situation. Things can be changed only through revolution, similar to what had took place in China 100 years ago. China has used its population to create wealth and power. Other developing countries are following China, especially India. If that happens the West will lose its world dominant power.

    The West has started to undermine China, including attacking the world economy so China cannot progress quickly to beat the West. Plus the West does not want wealth and power generates in developing countries, especially in India. We all can see that India slowly departs from democracy to authoritarian ruling to make things happen quickly. If that happens East will become almighty powerful, eventually South America and Africa will do the same. This will put the Western countries in last.

    Therefore, reducing the world population is also under the western agenda. But the West will continue to drum ‘global warming’ in order to hide its strategy to reduce the population. However, the developing countries are so corrupt from top to bottom and those countries can not have a revolution as China did. Those billions of people will continue to damage the environment, causing food and water shortages. For this reason alone, I support a strategy of population reduction.

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