Colombo continues to be epicentre for the coronavirus

Colombo continues to be the epicentre for the coronavirus in Sri Lanka with a high number of infected people still being detected.

Latest data showed that 511 people were detected with the coronavirus in the Colombo District.

Similar and even higher numbers were seen in Colombo over the past few days.

Since October last year a total of 74,380 people have been detected with the virus in the Colombo District.

However, despite the rise in numbers the Government yesterday asserted that a curfew will be enforced only as a last resort to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Cabinet co-spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told reporters that vaccination is seen as the best way to address the issue.

He also said that the public must follow the health guidelines including wearing face masks and social distancing.

Rambukwella said that a curfew will be considered only if the public fail to follow the health guidelines and leave room for the virus to spread in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This appears to be the thinking of the elected paddy cultivators:’ A nation of sick and dying people can be productive and prop the economy.’ What a ludicrous thought process.

    Will this be a lesson to the people that they cannot, decade after decade, elect the same low class uneducated scum to parliament. We need more organisations actively educating the masses about the character and qualifications of the people they elect.

    One particular individual of note is Wimal Weerawansa, who, during his time as housing minister made a mega sum through inflated contracts and commissions. Yet, he is elected with the highest number of preferential votes. Are people so stupid or isn’t there any other suitable candidate ?

  2. Government needs to stop downplaying Covid19 situation and publish the real data!

    If a detailed breakdown was published daily with maps of Covid19 clusters in each area people will automatically be more cautious and behave more responsibly.

    Downplaying the true situation in the country is only making things worse…

  3. The disaster has started to unfold, this is not the end.

    Useless leadership based on corrupt minds and foolishness. South Asia has failed to utilise its massive human resources. Its is over, the disaster has started to unfold, this is not the end. Eventually, you will be under the lockdown and become bankrupt. The days are coming, you can’t even afford to buy vaccines.

    The Australian Government would not have deleted my citizenship and broke me financially, if I was born in Russia, China or Europe. Obviously, the Australian Government thought South Asians are not wise to understand its trick, even if they do they have no backbone or power to question it.

    Your existence in billions is nothing but causing damage to the environment, food and water shortage. For this reason alone, I support the strategy of reducing the population.

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