Public urged to get the jab and not prioritise brand

The public have been urged to get vaccinated against Covid and not prioritise the brand.

Chairman of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) Dr. Prasanna Gunasena said that various myths have been spread over certain Covid vaccine brands.

He said that one myth is that obtaining certain Covid vaccine brands will prevent the individual from travelling to some countries.

Gunasena said that in Colombo alone around 40,000 people over the age of 60 have not got a single vaccine.

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena said that the World Health Organisation has recommended that the public obtain any one of the approved vaccines to prevent serious illnesses and reduce the chances of death.

He urged the public and politicians not to discourage people from obtaining certain vaccine brands.

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena also noted that obtaining both jabs does not mean you are safe and that the immunity sets in only two weeks after the second dose. (Colombo Gazette)