First jab for people above 60 in Western Province this week

People above 60-years of age in the Western Province are to be vaccinated with the first jab over a period of three days this week.

The Government Information Department said that the three-day vaccination program will commence on 10th August.

According to the Government, people suffering from serious ailments in the Western Province will also get the first jab during that period.

Such individuals have been advised to telephone 1906 and register.

The Government Information Department said that vaccination is the best way to be safe from the coronavirus. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Colombo Gazette , should you not rather inform readers that the Covid vaccines have all apparently been short tested for up to four months and are not duly approved under anything but the hurried ,1988 ( ?) Emergency permissive protocol? It’s showing all sorts of misadventures but the WHO contends that manufacturers are not liable for any ‘untoward’ repercussion. Also, when did we become an official Chinese satellite? Entry to the CPC now needs a Chinese Passport issued in Colombo. So all our rights are gone.

  2. Warning to poor and populated countries…

    This vaccination is not for life. This may help you between 6 and 12 months. Will you have money to buy new vaccines in 12 months time.

    I hope you can understand what is coming….

    You wish you can follow China and come up to beat the West. The West sees China is a threat. Why would the West create few more enemies by allowing the populated countries to dominate the manufacturing or service sector?

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