Another 1.86 million doses of Sinopharm vaccines arrive in Sri Lanka

Another 1.86 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine arrived in Sri Lanka today.

The vaccines arrived in Sri Lanka on a special SriLankan Airlines flight.

The airline said it has transported a total of 16.3 million Sinopharm vaccines to Sri Lanka since the month of March.

SriLankan said that it is assisting the national vaccination drive by expediting the transportation of vaccines to Sri Lanka.

The airline said it is proud to be a part of this national endeavor by transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical cargo.

In addition, the airline continues to support the healthcare system by offloading and clearing on a priority basis on arrival in Colombo at the SriLankan Cargo facility in Katunayake.

SriLankan Cargo operated a special flight to carry syringes and medical equipment on gratis through the scheduled flights to Shanghai. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Warning to poor countries…

    This vaccination is not for life. This may help you between 6 and 12 months. Will you have money to buy new vaccines in 12 months time.

    I hope you can understand what is coming….

  2. Informative video to watch. How come the world didn’t push for an investigation in the US when Spanish flu started in the US, especially Australia? The Australian leaders have been pushing for an inquiry in Wuhan, China; but didn’t push the US to have an inquiry during the Spanish flu.

    I believe that COVID 19 created for the following reasons…

    The first reason is to isolate China to keep the West’s world dominant power.

    Second reason: lockdown creates job losses and income losses. This reduces the people’s buying capacity (China’s products). This strategy slows China’s profits and growth, so the West has enough time to think and act to undermine China.

    Third reason: China has used the population to create wealth and power. If India does the same, the East will become almighty powerful. Then South America and Africa will do the same. Therefore, the West has to do something to reduce the population all around the world to continue to dominate the world.

  3. A university dropout can’t be a guru in IT and world pandemic. It is an insult to university graduates.

    In 2015, Bill Gates predicted the pandemic and concluded millions of people will die. “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war, Not missiles, but microbes.” – Bill Gates.

    I believe that the worst is yet to come. Bill Gates was revealing what the US was planning to do. The US playing wisely, but China is not. That is why Huawei is done, but Microsoft is doing well all around the world. The US can spy on others intelligently through Microsoft. The US government kept its distance from Microsoft by choosing Bill Gates to trick the world that Microsoft has nothing to do with the US government.

    Please note, the first email was used during the 2nd World War. It was a collective innovation by the talented Americans through the funding of the US government. I don’t believe that a university dropout can be the guru of Information Technology and the world pandemic. I believe that Bill Gates works closely with the US government and CIA. He is a mouthpiece of the American superpower.

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