A job platform that re-defines employability

DreamJobs.lk, the brainchild of Elegant Media (Pvt) Ltd., is a platform that is redefining employability in Sri Lanka. With the Covid-19 Pandemic resisting the urge to wane, and cases increasing in number every day, the question arises: Will traditional industries be compelled to make their established and long standing job roles redundant?

This is up for debate. It is an axiom that technology across the board is changing the way we communicate, date, eat, and work. For instance, Chatbots are complementing the customer service function by automating simple payments, and providing a 24/7 customer service facility that has high proven rates of customer satisfaction. According to Gartner, these customer experience investments are set to increase in the next few years.

It has been foretold that humans will be mere chaperones to artificial intelligence and technology as a whole, and that there is no guarantee that conventional jobs will enjoy the demand that they once did as we proceed into the future.

What seems pertinent is to embrace the current trend of tech-savvy jobs that are making in-roads globally. We know that there is great demand for data analysts, software engineers and digital experts today. Incidentally, the whole concept of Work From Home (WFH), which has received a great deal of popularity since 2020, seems to be a default modality across certain industries and their respective companies. Undoubtedly, the online sphere is a home to many job seekers who desire gainful employment, having been left behind by the Pandemic.

While remote working does have its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, WFH is now part and parcel of the gig economy that has led to many aspiring techies earning a living. The narrative has also changed with regard to occupations, qualifications and the future of work.

DreamJobs.lk, as a job platform that has its pulse on current trends since its inception six years ago, is focused on showcasing potential Jobs In Sri Lanka. At present, there’s a requirement for employable talent across Sri Lanka’s large and diverse job pool.

By the end of 2020, Sri Lanka’s unemployment rate had hit a dismal 5.5 per cent, according to Trading Economics, which is a well-established knowledge hub. Yet, this is not set to be a constant, with the IT sector offering a whole cross section of jobs that require an array of skills within the domain of technology.

While the Covid-19 Pandemic has led to mass layoffs across many industries, most notably in Sri Lanka, the Leisure and Hospitality Industry, thanks to the pandemic, the IT Sector is enjoying a welcome fillip to its current and future prospects.

But, how does DreamJobs.lk promise to help the unemployed in Sri Lanka? The promise is by aggressively and actively courting the IT, and other viable sectors to showcase its employment requirements on the DreamJobs.lk Job Platform and marketing such vacancies online. With an average of over 42,000 monthly unique visitors to its website, and close to 460,000 fans on Facebook, the team behind DreamJobs.lk is doing its best to create job visibility for all Sri Lankans, from all backgrounds.