Moragoda heading to Delhi with roadmap to restore ties

Sri Lanka’s new High Commissioner to New Delhi Milinda Moragoda is heading to India with a roadmap to restore ties, the Indian media reported.

According to The Hindu newspaper, Moragoda will take with him a roadmap focused on the fishermen’s issue as well as trade and investment and religious links.

The document has reportedly been prepared by a team led by Moragoda, Deputy High Commissioner Niluka Kadurugamuwa and diplomats based at missions in New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

The Parliament High Posts Committee approved the appointment of Moragoda as Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to New Delhi in September last year.

There was strong speculation later that the approval given to Sri Lanka’s nomination of Moragoda as a cabinet ranked High Commissioner had been reversed.

However, India had insisted that the nomination which was approved in November had not been reversed.

Moragoda was the founder of the Pathfinder Foundation, which had close links with China. (Colombo Gazette)


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    Late Prime Minister Nehru could not do it, how unqualified and corrupt Modi can do it.

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