Chokolaate to host The Icon – Interschool Speech Competition

The Icon by ChokoLAATe is a public speaking competition organized with the aim of providing a platform for the youth of Sri Lanka to vocalize their thoughts on the present and the future of our country in a fresh perspective. Hence, the competition will take place centralizing around topics that bring out ideas which we at ChokoLAATe will hope will lead to sparking change in society.

This competition is open to all students between the ages of 15-19 from all schools around the island. In order to participate, students can get in touch with the team through their social media accounts or email

Upon registration, which will be closing on the 31st August, participants will be sent invites for two workshops on Impromptu and Prepared Speech, which will help them prepare for the competition.

The competition will consist of three rounds: Preliminary round mainly focusing on prepared speech style, semifinals focusing on impromptu speech style; and finals focusing on both styles. The first round will take place on the 14th of August, Semifinals on 21st August and the Final Conference on 28th of August.

The Finals will be held at the conference which is intended to be a platform where inspiring Sri Lankans can share their stories with a wide audience with the intention of motivating Sri Lankan youth. Slots will be allocated to well-established public speakers as well. We at ChokoLAATe hope to see you there!