Nissanka Senadhipathi released from bribery case

Avant-Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi was today ordered to be released from a bribery and corruption case. 

The Colombo High Court also ordered the release of former Chairman of Rakna Lanka Major General (Retired) Palith Fernando from the same case.

In 2017 they were charged for allegedly offering and accepting a bribe of Rs.35.5 million following the Avant-Garde floating armory transaction.

It was alleged that when Avant Garde took over the Navy’s operation, the security firm offered a bribe of Rs 35.5 million to Maj. General Palitha Fernando, who headed the state-owned Rakna Lanka company and the latter invested the money in a private trust. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What is wrong with our Police? This man is like a new born baby with no sin attached. This case is launched to grab the headline and tarnish his image, especially when he is a member to look into the welfare of Prisoners. Why can’t the Police and Law officers find some other job without wasting Public money? The other day, the striking teachers humiliated him and Booed him away. Now they have to eat humble pie.

  2. Of course they were released !!! Everyone knows, there is no bribery or corruption under The Goat’s administration. Anyone who disagrees will be arrested and jailed without trial.

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