Mueen Wins Prestigious Awards

It has been an eventful and impactful year for Billari Art Gallery despite the challenges the pandemic has created. Sri Lanka’s leading gallery for abstract expressionism has once again showcased its prowess in both the local and international markets. Mueen’s work has reached the pinnacle of achievements this year having been crowned with prestigious international and local awards.

Mueen was selected to participate in the prestigious Florence Art Biennale 2019 where he won the prestigious award for his design. Winning this award put Sri Lanka on the map for producing international calibre artists. Last year he was awarded many awards for his contribution to art and culture for the last 20 years. The industry has recognised Mueen’s contribution to propelling abstract art in the international market. He has been nominated for the most prestigious “Kala Bushanna” lifetime award 2020. In addition to this, he was awarded the following awards,

  • Kollampura Award 2020 – winner national Sri Lankan award for art
  • Vishvahinandana Award 2020 – winner national award for outstanding artist
  • Most outstanding artist 2020 Vishabimani – winner
  • Outstanding artist – Festival in Colombo 2020 – winner
  • Entrepreneur of the Year for Innovation Silver and Bronze Award – winner
  • Kala Suri Art Award 2020 – winner
  • Star of Asia 2020 – winner

Winning the prestigious entrepreneur award 2019 is a testament to Mueen’s establishment of Art as a field that has great entrepreneurial capacity and capabilities. He is also helping people to find inner peace through art. Last year a group of drug abusers were sent to the Cultural secretariat where Mueen conducted a program “healing through art “this was a great success and the participants benefited from the program. He also regularly conductors healing through art for whoever needs his service and his work can be viewed on

Mueen is currently touring UK and Europe presently creating his work on social responsibilities after the pandemic in London. These days he is on a few projects in the United Kingdom and hopes to create awareness in achieving inner peace and happiness through art.