AG appoints team to overlook case on death of teen at MPs house

Attorney General (AG) Sanjaya Rajaratnam has appointed a team to overlook the investigations and court proceedings into the death of a 16-year-old girl at the residence of opposition parliamentarian Rishad Bathiudeen.

The teen was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital with severe burn injuries on 3rd July and she had later succumbed to her injuries.

The postmortem report on the girl had revealed that there were signs of chronic vaginal penetration.

A statement has been recorded from a male employee at the residence of parliamentarian Rishad Bathiudeen.

Police Spokesman, Senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ajith Rohana said that the telephone used by the male employee has also been seized and is being analysed.

He also said that two Police teams had been deployed to the town where the girl was initially residing and went to school.

Statements had also been recorded from her school Principal and Vice Principal.

The Police Spokesman said that further statements are to be recorded from the family and others linked to the girl. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Lot of domestic workers are, especially the young and poor are underpaid or unpaid, exploited, abused and suppressed.
    They are trapped. There should be systems in place to regulate
    young domestic workers and a monitoring system to protect and give them a voice. This is an not an isolated case and because she had to be hospitalised and death occurred, the story came out. If she had recovered, she would have sent back to suffer the continuing sexual abuse. Even an animal cannot be treated this way. There is a good possibility that this investigation would be jeopardised by INFLUENCE. Watch it.

  2. Typical South Asia. The media and political leaders make a big deal when a disaster unfolds. After for a while everything goes back to normal. There is no proactive mindset to look for clues to prevent disasters. Because the country has no resources, due the corruption, lack of knowledge and huge amount of resources are wasted when parents beed like rabbits.

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