Rolanta launches 100% organic collection of teas in Sri Lanka

Consistent with the growing trend for healthy and organic food and beverages and in line with contemporary and busy lifestyles, Rolanta Tea introduces a range of tea-infused herbal drinks catered to the local market.

The pandemic has instilled the need for healthy lifestyles and the importance of a strong immune system. Considering these insights, Rolanta Tea has introduced a range of organic, herbal drinks infused with tea and other potent ingredients that have scientific evidence of boosting a healthy body and mind.

The range of herbal drinks consists of four (04) products each with its unique blend of ingredients and health benefits. These include a Cinnamon Herbal Drink, Organic Ginger Black Tea, Organic Moringa and Organic Herb Well Herbal drink that is made with a combination of herbs. Each product has been carefully formulated in a manner that yields maximum physical and emotional health benefits to the user and can be simply prepared and consumed by dropping in an individual sachet in a cup of hot boiling water for 3-5mins.

Besides the functional benefits of each product that promotes physical wellbeing from improving the digestive system, improving blood circulation, boosting the immune system, the products promote a range of emotional benefits too. These include lowering stress levels and tensions, soothing the mind and body enabling the user to relax and rejuvenate, – inside and out.

Lead by tea blender and entrepreneur, Ridma Ayantha, Rolanta is an innovative brand that believes that the organic tea market is driven by the supply of quality organic herbal drink products. In this regard, the company makes substantial investments in technologies required for Research & Development (R&D) that fuel New Product Developments (NPD) and formulation of novel and exciting products that cater to the contemporary needs and lifestyles of the global health-conscious consumer.

“Incorporating the principles of Ayurveda and ancient healing remedies, at Rolanta we invest time and resources in understanding our consumer, their needs, wants and lifestyle changes. Using these insights and technology, we delve into understanding the efficacies and benefits of unique herbs, and other ingredients to develop innovative blends that harness the benefits of these ingredients.  Globally, we believe the growth of the organic herbal drink market is at a nascent stage with immense growth potential. Therefore, our vision is to develop and position Rolanta as a reliable, quality Sri Lankan origin organic herbal brand catering to a global-minded health-conscious consumer” Said Ridma Ayantha, Director/Chairman – Ridma Products (Pvt) Ltd.

Conceptualised in 2012, Rolanta is one of Sri Lanka’s largest organic tea and herbal drink manufacturing companies catering to the diverse needs of the local and international markets for pure Ceylon tea and tea-infused products. Rolanta Organic Herbal drinks are produced in their own, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and R&D centre located in Mathugama, Sri Lanka.

Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially within a span of 7 years establishing its presence in Sri Lanka with island-wide distribution as well as an international presence in the USA, Europe, Japan, Russia, and the Maldives. Locally, Rolanta is available for purchase through main supermarkets, pharmacies, organic outlets and through its Facebook page. Rolanta tea and tea-infused herbal drinks are certified USDA Organic and its manufacturing facilities adhere to internationally accredited ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards.